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Kim Tae Woo and Gummy to Hold a Concert in New York

[by Kim Young Shin] K-pop singer Kim Tae Woo and Gummy will host ‘Kim Tae Woo & Gummy 2016 NEW YEAR CONCERT IN NEW YORK’ on February 6.

Kim and Gummy, both known for their strong voices, will meet their fans overseas through the opportunity. They will sing their hits from their 17-year career and also sing together to create a collaborated stage.

He made himself recognized in the United States as a representative K-pop singer from previous visits. In November 2014, Kim Tae Woo successfully finished his concert in New York. He appealed to the local residents by singing in harmony with other musicians of New York. Additionally he took part in god concert in Los Angeles and New Jersey as the lead singer of the group.

In 2015, he released an official album ‘T-ROAD’ in which he participated for composing and writing. He proved himself as a musician and artist who can create songs, not just sing well. He wrote one of his titles ‘Lonely Funk’ with featuring by Jay Park. The song had addictive hooks and exciting and funky rhythm which resembles ‘Uptown Funk’ by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. Another title ‘Resemblance’ had poetic lyrics and grand music. The two songs demonstrated Kim’s ability to sing different genres and read the trend of music industry.

Gummy held a solo concert in December 2015 and showed off the unique voice with live performances. She genuinely delivered her songs with profound and delicate sensitivities and wowed the audience.

‘Kim Tae Woo & Gummy 2016 NEW YEAR CONCERT IN NEW YORK’ set its date on February 6, the Lunar New Year’s Day, to match its title. It takes place at Colden Auditorium of Kupferberg Center in New York, the United States. Kim and Gummy are making times during their busy schedule to discuss the stage settings and rearrangement of the songs.

Kim said, “It is meaningful because it is my first concert in 2016. I’m preparing for good music for you, so please support me through this.”

Meanwhile, Kim will hold ‘Love Valentine 2016 Concert’ in Osaka, Japan on February 13 after his performance in New York. (photo by Soulshop Entertainment)

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