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How About Total Home Care Cosmetics As Presents For Lunar New Year?

[by Choi Woo Jin] The Lunar New Year Day for sharing gratitude and love between family members has come.

People are preparing for spending good time with their family. Nothing is better than a present for expressing gratitude between family members. In particular, if you give an effective skincare item, which is one of the greatest concerns of people, you can show your considerate aspect.

Moreover, it is a good way to focus on skin care, which you couldn’t find time for, in these holidays. If it is hard to pick a skin care item, select a package product. Especially, Cleomee’s EGF Revitalizing Perfect Home Care is a package product to be used for 28 days, which improves your skin within a short period of time. Here introduced is the EGF Revitalizing Perfect Home Care, which is great both as a present and as a cosmetics item for your own use.

>> What Is Cleomee EGF Revitalizing Perfect Home Care?

The Cleomee EGF Revitalizing Perfect Home Care is a smart anti-aging package for relieving seven symptoms of skin aging and presenting four steps of moisturizing care. It consists of a mask pack, two types of ampoule, a functional cream, and an eyecream, making your skin condition perfect.

The five types of cosmetics in the package contain clean donkey milk and donkey oil from South Korea, helping recover the good health of your skin. It improves your skin by moisturizing it for 28 days and improving elasticity, gloss, balance between oil and moisture content of the skin, and brightness. It is great as a present on the Lunar New Year’s Day.

>> Five Types Of Items of EGF Revitalizing Perfect Home Care

1. ‘Aqua Gorgeous Mask’ with donkey milk and donkey oil for your dry skin
Let the nutrition of the whole ampoule be absorbed into your skin with the Aqua Gorgeous Mask after washing your face. As highly enriched aqua ampoule that doesn’t leave a sticky film is contained in one bottle, it forms a moisture coating layer to control oil and moisture in your skin. However, you need to use the Mask once a week after washing your face as a substitute of  skin toner.  

2. ‘EGF Revitalizing Perfect Milk Ampoule’ for silky skin
The EGF Revitalizing Perfect Milk Ampoule can make your skin soft as silk and add moisture and elasticity to your skin even when only a drop of it is used. If you use it on your T-zone (forehead and nose), you can enjoy the effects of adenosine, EGF, and donkey milk. 

3. ‘EGF Revitalizing Perfect Cream’ for anti-aging
The EGF Revitalizing Perfect Cream contains donkey milk extracts, White Flower Complex, which is extracts from 10 kinds of flowers, and EGF. It keeps moisture balance, helping your skin become cleaner. In particular, it has an eight-second texture to be absorbed into your skin within only eight seconds. It is absorbed deeply into your skin without stickiness.

4. ‘Intensive Revitalizing Eye Cream’ for elastic skin around your eyes and lips
The Intensive Revitalizing Eye Cream with the optimum formula for elasticity of your eyes is a moist eyecream containing donkey milk and oil. The low-irritant substances are suitable for weak skin around your eyes to provide nutrition. The product is also effective for relieving your nasolabial fold for your beautiful smile.

5. ‘Perfect Vitamin Revitalizing Oil Ampoule’ for skin brightening and reproduction
The Perfect Vitamin Revitalizing Oil Ampoule containing oil and five types of vitamin is excellent for taking care of your U-zone (cheeks and chin). The natural oil ampoule relieves the dark spots on your skin, making your skin lively. If you use it for the parts where elasticity can be lowered easily, you can make a healthy contour. (photo by Cleomee, bntnews DB)

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