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[bnt interview] ‘Cheese in the Trap’ Park Hae Jin, Taking Step by Step

[by Lee Lin, translated by Kim Young Shin] Actor Park Hae Jin became an inseparable part of Yoo Jung, the hero of ‘Cheese in the Trap’, the drama adaptation of a webtoon of the same title. The cartoon’s manias were relieved to hear that Park was casted for the male lead. He went a step further and generated ‘Park Hae Jin Boom’, apart from ‘Cheese in the Trap Boom’. Park Hae Jin, who looked like he just walked out from the TV screen, was making a smile that was neither terrifying nor sharp. It was just warm.

Recently, bntnews met Park Hae Jin from tvN drama ‘Cheese in the Trap’ at a café in Sinsa-dong, Seoul. The actor plays the protagonist of the romantic thriller, Yoo Jung. He is a man that hides his keen eyes behind his sweet smile to Hong Seol (Kim Go Eun), the female lead.

There was lots of criticism for making the a TV series out of the long-loved webtoon ‘Cheese in the Trap’, which started publishing in 2010. Park was the first to be offered Yoo Jung’s role but he rejected it several times before he finally gave in.

“It was a big burden. The webtoon was the reason for the refusal and acceptance. After saying yes, it looked different from when I read it before I declined. When I was offered the role for the first time, I read it and I thought it shouldn’t be made into drama. It was that good and I liked it that much. I empathized with the readers who thought that this piece should remain two dimensional instead of forcing it into three dimensional world. However, when I read it from a different point of view, I thought that I might be able to make it happen.”

“When I decided to take the role, there were less pressure but more worries. There was a huge interval between the news that its drama adaptation will be made and the announcement that I was casted for Yoo Jung. Moreover, the director, writer or other actors were yet to be appointed. I was concerned about how it will turn out to be. Fortunately, I was able to work with nice people and the drama resulted in better quality than I expected.”

‘Cheese in the Trap’ is famous for its psychological description of the characters along with each incident. The mysterious man Yoo Jung requires much more study for an actor to play.

“I tried to see him in an innocent perspective. In the drama, he comprehends every problem, like he has a clear view from up in the air. He figures out how to get a hold of it quickly without making a fuss and prevent it from ever happening again. He is not the kind of person who takes advantage of others. He just wants to let people know what went wrong in the most efficient way.”

The drama’s last episode was already filmed and its actors and staffs had a dinner together to celebrate their hard work. The puzzling relationship between Yoo Jung (Park Hae Jin) and Hong Seol (Kim Go Eun) and Yoo Jung’s endangered friendship with Baek siblings (Seo Kang Jun and Lee Sung Kyung) mesmerized viewers. Park recalled the most memorable scene from the last episode.

“It felt different to see the actors when I project the webtoon on them. They seemed so new when I saw them as Seol, In Ha, In Ho and other characters. I was agonized to see In Ho. I always experienced the overflowing of emotions for filming the last episodes of dramas but it was especially hard to take the last scene with In Ho. It was too sad and it wasn’t meant to be. It was too confusing with all the feelings I feel and what my character should be feeling. I even had to retake the scene after I cleared them all out.”

Park seemed like he was deeply into the piece because he did not call his colleagues by their names. Instead, he called them by the characters’ names. The reason for the overwhelming emotion with the last scene with Baek In Ho (Seo Kang Jun) may be because of his fellow actor’s support. He did a good job in keeping the atmosphere although he was ten years younger than Park.

“If In Ho (Seo Kang Jun) acted awkwardly around me, it would have been impossible to act as friends with him. While playing the character, he approached Yoo Jung as if he really were In Ho. He was not Seo Kang Jun facing Park Hae Jin. I was so proud of him. He is a junior actor, but he was able to create that friendly moment with me. I think that caused so much emotion for taking that last scene with him.”

Park Hae Jin made his debut in 2006 with drama ‘Famous Seven Princess’ and continued his career through many other dramas including ‘My Daughter Seo Young’, ‘My Love from the Star’, and ‘Bad Guys’. He always poured his endeavor into creating the appropriate characters and he did not need to look back on his path, except for one drama ‘Bad Guys’. However, the actor said that he could play Yoo Jung in ‘Cheese in the Trap’ only because he played in ‘Bad Guys’.

“I was very ambitious and I thought I could do much better in ‘Bad Guys’, but I couldn’t. That’s what makes me regret so much. However, I believe that my cold-hearted persona in the drama made me considered as Yoo Jung before any other good actors.”

“I am inconvenienced because I couldn’t express more kindness in Yoo Jung. In the drama, I went away to do internships. There were not many scenes to talk to other characters, so I wasn’t allowed the opportunity to do so. (laughs)”

‘Cheese in the Trap’ must play an important role in expanding the actor’s career as he is currently performing vigorously in Korea and China. bntnews would like to send cheers for Park Hae Jin for building up his unique filmography.

“I do not have such goal as what kind of actor I want to be. If I had one, I would only be after it. My thoughts haven’t changed. I just want to continue acting in good pieces.” (photo by WM Company)

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