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Innisfree, The Story of Fragrance Trends

[by Kim Hee Young/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] The era that messages are conveyed by fragrances has come.

The meaning of fragrance in our daily lives has been changing, of which it is different from that in the past. Instead of simply acting as a tool to increase marketability, it also helps increase the quality of living now. It helps attain psychological stability and the range of the usage of perfumes on marketing has been broadened through the remaining scent in our memories.

Fragranced products are must-have items to maintain a quality lifestyle. Amongst all, candles and diffusers that provide healing effects as presents to warm your heart with natural fragrances have gained increasing popularity. In particular, the fragranced products launched by Innisfree are spotlighted. Enjoy an enriched lifestyle with the fragrance line of Innisfree that conveys messages.

Heart-warming Innisfree Scented Candles with the Fragrance of Jeju
Innisfree ‘Jeju 5-piece Message Candles’

We introduce ‘Innisfree Scented Candles’ for those who go on a trip to take some rests. They are comprised of five stories including ‘1004 Fresh Breeze’ inspired by green forests with refreshing breezes, ‘0302 Dream Delight’ inspired by white swell waves in the clear blue ocean, ‘0516 Love Blossom’ inspired by shy blooming peonies, ‘0628 Healing Moment; inspired by lavender under the sun and ‘0824 Sleep Better’ inspired by cozy cotton blossom.

Jeju Message Candles provide not only a high-class odor, but they are also handmade items made with vegetable soy wax. More importantly, they give off the natural vibe of Jeju to give emotional healing effects and rests for those who cannot go for a trip. If it is difficult to express yourself in words, try showing your gratitude with Message Candles.

Adding a Tint of Chicness in Your Room
Innisfree ‘Perfumed Diffuser’ Line

‘Innisfree Perfumed Diffuser’ inspired by the change of nature during the four seasons in Jeju is made with twenty perfumes that make you feel the beauty of Jeju promptly and can be easily used in our daily lives. Choose the scent you like and reed sticks according to the size of the space and the sustainability of perfumes to create a chic space.

Get Good-smelling Body Year-round
Innisfree ‘Jeju Perfume Note’ & ‘Perfumed Body Water’

Having a unique fragrance to represent oneself is of prime importance in this modern society for individuals as the selection of it can reveal one’s personality, appearance and background. Let’s boost your confidence and charms with the natural scent coming from your skin.

Innisfree ‘Eau de Toilette’ Line comprises five perfumes that remind you the memories and emotions arise when traveling in Jeju. They are hot items that are packed like a book cover stimulating your desire of possession. With the concepts of Jeju Gotjawal, Hallabong farms, sunset on the waterfront, secluded Olle routes and cozy hostels, not only fragrances but also the meanings of traveling are recollected.  

Innisfree ‘Perfumed Body Water’ is a product produced with the motif of the weather in Jeju. There are 7 items allowing you to use them according to different weather conditions and the change of your mood. They are charming items that can be sprayed on your body, clothes and hair to give off a subtle scent. (photo by Innisfree’s Instagram)

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