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Everything About Skin Brightening of South Korean Women!

[by Hwang Seokwon] Many South Korean women have clear skin. You may think that this is an inborn characteristic, but in fact, it is not the case.  

Then, what is the secret? The answer is South Korean women’s thorough skin care. If you want to have such bright skin like that of South Korean women, let’s focus here. Here gathered are their skincare know-hows for skin brightening.

Deep Cleansing For High-Efficiency Skin Brightening

Do you want to express skin with clear light from the inside? Then, you must take care of ‘washing your face’ which is the first step of skin care.

Therefore, you need to perform deep cleansing to remove the hazardous elements on your skin such as dead skin cells and wastes on a regular basis. If your skin is somewhat sensitive, a gel-type cleanser is recommended. For those with oily skin, a foam- or bubble-type cleanser is recommended. It is proper for you to perform deep cleansing two to three times a week using lukewarm water.

Steady Self-Massage  

If you have built an excellent skin basis by washing your face, now is the time to have healthy skin that is full of vitality. This step can be more effectively completed by using those cosmetics such as essence and serum and performing a simple self-massage.

First of all, apply an essence and a serum to your face and pat your face lightly to let the cosmetics be absorbed. Next, massage from the inner part of your face to the outer part with your ring fingers around your T-zone as if you push your skin lightly. Lastly, pull your cheeks, forehead, and chin by using your palms. Here, the key is to steadily and constantly perform the massage.

Skin Brightening For Completing Shining Gloss On Your Skin

In general, many think that ‘skin brightening’ is a procedure to make only the outer layer of skin white and bright. However, the true meaning of skin brightening can be said to be a process to improve the skin quality to make it healthier.

However, if your skin is somewhat sensitive in this spring season, you had better use a skin brightening product after moisturizing your skin sufficiently. By doing so, you can enjoy a safe and high skin brightening effect.    

‘Secret Whitening’ is a skin brightening cream containing safflower sprout extracts, which have superior effects for relieving pigmentation and for skin brightening. Its immediate and clear skin brightening effect is its greatest characteristic and strongest point. In addition, it contains L. glauca extracts, aloe vera leaves, and gold extracts for protecting your skin, giving vitality and anti-aging effects to your skin. (photo by Secret Whitening, bntnews DB)

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Write: 2016-02-24 20:20:19 / Update: 2016-02-25 18:57:26

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