[bnt interview] Gong Yoo, with His Sincere Heart

[by Kim Yena, translated by Woorim Ahn] Everyone has the moment: when people feel like, only two of us exist in this world. This movie-like moment becomes a fantasy although it is a reality. However, that moment soon got buried in their hearts just like their own stories never told anyone.

Actor Gong Yoo told the feelings. It was clumsy, but truthful and it was cautious, but decisive.

Recently, he had an interview with bntnews at a café in Samcheong-dong, Seoul prior to his movie ‘A Man and a Woman’ premiere, but he had a haggard face just like he had a love sick.

He chose ‘A Man and a Woman’ as his come-back film after his latest one ‘The Suspect’ in 2013. His comeback work was his first melodrama and he took the role of Ki Hong who fell in crazy love with Sang Min.

The main reason he decided to star in the film was Jeon Do Yeon and she was the biggest reason why he chose the piece.

“I really wanted to work with Jeon Do Yeon since when I was young. For me, she was sexy all the time. Since she was casted as my partner, there was no reason for me to hesitate.”

“Of course, it is just a movie, but it is important that whether I can love my partner or not. In my film, I had to love Jeon Do Yeon, she was the biggest reason to make such a decision. If it wasn’t her, I would make the same decision.”

His feelings for Jeon Do Yeon were discovered within 15 minutes of the whole interview session.

“Particularly, since it is an original melodrama piece, my personal feelings for the partner are enough reflected into acting. It seems like I decided to appear in it for my desire, which is actually true. In real life, it’s impossible legally.”

Gong Yoo’s personal feeling was from director Lee Yoon Ki. While he was talking about his standard of choosing his work, he said, “I tend to avoid typical things.” Thus, anticipations from something familiar, but not apply to his choice, and same thing went for ‘A Man and a Woman’.

“I think there is a difference in ‘A Man and a Woman’ among patterns of original melodramas. It is not just a soap opera.”

He revealed that his movie’s difference is director Lee Yoon Ki’s coolness. Thus, the director’s signature expressions give the audiences clear messages. Because of this, the viewers can feel the deep emotions from his film without too many explanations through its natural story.

When people watch the film in a realistic way, it is true that they can’t understand Gong Yoo’s behaviors in it. A man and a woman focused on their absolute feelings, but the movie has an unethical element, an affair. He said, “When I see it in ethical way, they are so bad, however, this is a movie” and continued his story.

“I think Ki Hong and Sang Min’s feelings are true love. I have to be cautious when I say this since I didn’t get married yet. Even if I get married and become a father, my heart can still flutter. It might happen to me as well, but the difference is I just ignore the feeling.”

This guy’s bold and honest opinions were pretty interesting. Any calculations could be found in his words just like his character Ki Hong in the movie who didn’t know how to hide his feelings.

Gong Yoo said, “Ki Hong is actually very dry and dull. He isn’t also capable of expressing his true feelings. However, he wanted to be a ‘man’ as soon as he met Sang Min naturally. From this part, I found my side from him. I don’t calculate when I act.”

He shared his thoughts in love as well. He thought Ki Hong’s change wasn’t either immediate or drastic. He said, “People find themselves laughing and changing their eyes when they are with their true lovers even they are in real problems and worries. I don’t really know about love, but love itself changes people.”

It felt like Gong Yoo dragged everyone into a fantasy. All his thoughts and words are pretty apart from reality, but it felt like it’s possible because it was from him.

He already acknowledged that the mass public’s fantasy about him. However, he didn’t act for others to fulfill their anticipations or to keep his ‘good’ images. Rather than that, he pursued to act for his own achievements and satisfaction. Gong Yoo said, “Although I don’t make a success, I think challenge itself is beautiful.”

But, this isn’t like he wants to change his image by pursuing experimental pieces. He added, “I know there are some contradictions. Sometimes, I feel a separation between my desire and my real life.”

“That’s why I keep trying to find justifications. If I persuade myself in a part, I just try although everything doesn’t fit into the whole piece. Although people around me were curious when I decided to appear in movies ‘Busan Bound’ and ‘Secret Agent’, there were the reasons for me, so keep your eyes on them.”

Gong Yoo had many thoughts and worries. The definite things were felt through this interview were that he moved on with his ulterior motive, but without calculations. People need to work with a little bit of personal feelings, which are different depending on people, and those feelings give synergies. Thus, all his stories felt like truths. Due to his feelings, it brought desperation to him along with appreciation. (photo by Showbox)

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