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Victoria-Park Shin Hye-IU, Stars That Are Pretty In Any Angle, The Secret?

[by Song Eun Ji] Female celebrities portray perfect beauty in any angle, regardless of the time and place that they are seen at.

If you are curious to find out about the secret behind the perfect front face and profiles of celebrities, let’s examine their makeup. Although one cannot change the facial features they are born with, it is possible to become as beautiful as celebrities through a change in makeup.

This is for females who are curious to find out the secret makeup methods of celebrities such as Hani, Victoria, Park Shin Hye, and IU who appear beautiful in any angle. Here are some makeup method suggestions made by Korea’s design cosmetic brand too cool for school so that you may appear pretty regardless of the angle.

▶ Stars Who Are Beautiful Regardless Of Angle? The Secret Is ‘Dimension’

If you examine closely the makeup of celebrities that show flawless beauty regardless of angle, one similarity can be found. It is that sufficient shine was used to certain areas of the face in order to add dimension.

‘Strobing makeup’ that emphasizes dimension using light is the trendiest makeup of the 2016 S/S season. Add natural shine to the face without overdoing the makeup look and adding volume to the face. You can possess a dimensional face like celebrities by emphasizing just three features, the skin, eyelashes, and lips.

▶ ‘Adding Dimension’ Focus On 3 POINTS

POINT 1 Subtly Shining Glowing Skin

If you wish for the emphasis of natural dimensions focus on creating moist skin base. In order for this to happen, skin care that creates a firm moisture layer should be prioritized.

A mask pack is representative of a skin care method that is easy and effective. Put a mask pack on the face for 15 to 20 minutes and apply a thin layer of foundation on the entire face after removing the mask sheet. If you have severely dry skin or wish for naturally glowing skin it is good to mix in a small amount of face oil to the foundation before using.

The finishing stage of skin makeup is the use of a highlighter. Use a light highlighter in a skin nude tone with pearls that is closest to your own skin tone and lightly touch the T-zone area including the forehead and tip of your nose. The highlighter smoothly adhering to the skin can create a natural aura glow, helping to express perfect glowing skin.

POINT 2  Elaborate Lashes

If you wish for a dimensional profile, it is important to pay attention to voluminous and long eyelash makeup as well. Remember that the dimensions of the face as well as how defined the eyes appear can depend on how the lashes are expressed,

First, use an eyelash curler to curl the lashes while being careful not to bend the lashes. Then, based on your concern, choose a functional mascara available in functions such as volume, setting, or curling. Using an all-in-one product that can help resolve complex concerns is also a good method.

In order to create defined eyes as well as a dimensional face, it is important to care for the lashes that are hidden towards the front and tail of the eyes as well. Use a curler to curl the lashes and apply mascara thoroughly. If a regular mascara product is unable to reach the hidden lashes, try using a moving mascara that allows you to control the brush’s curve in a 3 step formation. The item will make it easier even for beginners to care for all the lashes, hidden as well as the under lashes, making perfect coverage possible.

POINT 3 Moist Lips

Moist lips are one element that can accentuate the feminine charms of an individual. In order to express natural lip makeup without an artificial look, try using a liquid type tint product.

Try applying tint from the inner lip and creating a natural gradation. Then apply a clear lip gloss on top of the tint to conclude the lip makeup. If this process is a hassle, try using a glossy tint that has combine only the benefits of tint, lip gloss and lipstick products. Not only will it create defined and dimensional lips but will portray a natural look as well.

>> too cool for school’s Pick!

01 EGG CREAM MASK This mask pack is unique in that its cream essence is created through a concentration of egg yolk extracts and albumin components. The smooth texture of the super-fine fibers of the mask pack sheet adhere to the skin without leaving any space, providing nourishment deep inside the skin to create firm and smooth skin.

02 Rules of skincare PRESTIGE HYDRA INFUSED OIL This product is a dual face oil serum that contains the nutrients of a serum and the hydrating moisture of oil. The product is available in firming/brightening options that can be chosen according to your specific skin concern. The natural components in the product is rapidly absorbs by the skin’s oil and moisture layer, allowing natural glowing skin makeup to easily be expressed.

03 Art Class By Rodin Highlighter
This product is a multi-highlighter that consists of three colors in a skin nude tone shade with pearls. Not only does the product allow for different looks through different blending methods but also adheres to the skin smoothly as the micro shimmering powder creates natural dimension.

04 Dinoplatz Twisty Tail Mascara
This product is a moving mascara with a dial that allows you to control the curve in a 3 step formation. The all-in-one formula is effective in all functions including curling and long-lash, volume, and setting. The fine and smooth tail-like brush allows for the portrayal of a defined eye line even without drawing it, caring for the hidden lashes in the front and tail of the eyes as well.

05 CHECK GLOSSY BLASTER TINT This is too cool for school’s 3rd generation tint that consists of the best proportion, 30% water and 70% oil to create defined and long lasting moist lips. This product contains only the advantageous traits of lip gloss, lipstick and tint products to allow for stylish lip makeup with clear coloration.(photo by too cool for school. bntnews DB)

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