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[bnt interview] Kwak Si Yang to Show His Actions rather than Words

[by Lee Lin, translated by Bae Jung Yun] When you look into actor Kwak Si Yang’s clear and big eyes, you have no choice but to be entangled by him. He has a pure smile just like his nickname ‘Puppy’ made by his fans. He also has the serious eyes, which contains a confidence united with his effort.

After the end of his drama, KBS2’s daily drama ‘Love And Hate’, he is meeting the viewers by appearing on MBC’s variety program called ‘We Got Married Season 4’. He came to meet with bntnews after finishing the drama of 102 episodes, which made him to work around the clock.

“I had fun filming the drama by the favor of staff and cast. I was thankful that they made workplace like a playground. I feel bad, but excited at the same time because I will meet them again from some other good drama or film.”

The drama means a lot to him. It made him, who just started to perform in various drama, movie and variety program, to stand as a leading actor in his first terrestrial broadcast. He had a big pressure on taking the role as a leading character, but he said that he felt great and it was worth it.

“I had a silent pressure about how should I lead and care the cast and staff as a main character. I also had pressure on viewer ratings. However, the teamwork was real great, so I had nothing to care about. I only needed to do well on my own part.”

He got a big notice from the mass public by his drama ‘Oh My Ghost’. He took the role of a cordon chef and received popularity just like the main characters by disclosing chic, but caring image.

“It was a really attractive character. Even though ‘Oh My Ghost’ helped me to become famous, all other dramas I have filmed contains the memory and nostalgia. Every one of them is important to me. Every child is dear to his parents. I am learning a lot from the every end of filming the drama.”

He became mature. He is not a person, who only liked the glamorous image of an actor, anymore.

“I didn’t have any idea about what I want to do. Whether it is a singer, actor or someone involved in broadcasting. I think I just wanted to become a star. When I was 24, I was watching TV and it was fun. I was watching ‘The Greatest Love’ and ‘Secret Garden’. I suddenly thought about I want to have fun in front of the camera. The act of expressing what I haven’t experienced before seemed fun for me. However, I wanted to become serious because I needed to think acting as a career other than just a glamorous thing to do. I always agonize how to resolve the scene while acting.”

Recently, he is known as nation’s toyboy by appearing in MBC’s ‘We Got Married 4’ with his imaginary wife, actress Kim So Yeon. He disclosed his gratitude toward her.

“She has such a great energy. She is kind and caring. She is very nice and even made me think ‘How can a person be that nice’. I unconsciously wanted to look like her. She made me think of my first intention and do my best to be modest. I think I have the good fortune to have kind people around.”

He is facing a release of a movie called ‘Familyhood’. The movie captured people’s attention by its main characters, Kim Hye Soo and Ma Dong Seok. Particularly, Kwak Si Yang delivered his future plan by talking an episode about the senior actor, Kim Hye Soo.

“Kim Hye Soo’s strong image and aura brought me down even before the filming. However, she called me a day before the filming and said, “You should come one hour early tomorrow for the script reading.” Meeting her early to adjust the lines helped me to get relaxed and work in harmony with her. I have learned that, ‘If I become like her, I will reach my hand to people who might feel uncomfortable with me and act well together.’ I want to become a senior, who has a good image.”

“I want to show myself with actions rather than words. I want to hear people call me as an actor, who is modest and always work hard, even after 10 years from now. I want to be remembered like that.”

At the end, he revealed his love for the members of his project group ‘ONE O ONE’, Kwon Do Kyun, Song Won Seok and Ahn Hyo Seop. Recently, the group, which is a project group formed with four actors from the Starhaus entertainment, completed its first fan meeting, ‘Start’.

“At first, I thought we might not get along with each other because we all lived differently. However, we got along really well. We don’t have a problem with living together because we care and understand each other. Even I am the one who appeared more on the broadcast, there must be a freefall for me some day in the future. I think a person who cares and leads the other person, who is doing well, is a real high class. Surprisingly, all four members thought the same thing. I often just go to sleep as soon as I came home, so other members are doing all the housework. I want to take more care of them as an eldest brother.” (photo by bntnews DB)

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