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Yook Sung Jae-Joy vs Song Ji Hyo-Chen Bolin, a Lovely Competition of Couples from Korean and Chinese Version of ‘We Got Married’

[by Hwang Ji Hye /translated by Kim Young Shin] MBC’s virtual marriage show ‘We Got Married’ continued to bring sensations to the viewers since its launch five years ago. The program gained popularity world-wide and began broadcasting in China as well.

There are increasing number of viewers who enjoy juxtaposing Korean version and Chinese version of ‘We Got Married’. People particularly show interest in the young couple from the Korean version –Yook Sung Jae and Joy- and international couple - Song Ji Hyo and Chen Bolin - from the Chinese version. Here is the analysis on these couples’ charms.

Yook Sung Jae♥Joy VS Song Ji Hyo♥Chen Bolin

The matching of boy group BTOB member Yook Sung Jae and girl group Red Velvet member Joy was interesting enough to catch viewer’s attention. The couple in early twenties is just like best friends to each other. They appeal to the audience with their lovey-dovey relationship.

Song Ji Hyo, the only woman cast of SBS ‘Running Man’ who is popular for her cool and easy-going personality, and Chen Bolin, a prominent Chinese actor who is also famous in Korea, make a very mature couple. In their program which recently launched, they are expected to present themselves as sweet lovers as they were seen calling each other by affectionate nick names. Both Korean and Chinese viewers are paying attention to the couple’s episodes.

Yook Sung Jae♥Joy

The two idol group members became one of the couples that maintained their bond for the longest time on ‘We Got Married’. Their fans especially adore the freshness of the young virtual lovers. Yook Sung Jae’s kind and intimate consideration for Joy magnifies the endearing vibe between them.

In a recent episode of MBC ‘We got Married’, Yook Sung Jae and Joy’s duet song project was aired. During the filming, Yook Sung Jae admired his virtual wife’s cuteness while she was singing enthusiastically inside a recording studio. The two lovers have fair and clear skin. If you want your skin to be as bright as the couple, start conducting whitening care.

Song Ji Hyo♥Chen Bolin

The news of Song Ji Hyo and Chen Bolin becoming a virtual couple caught attention of viewers as they were from two different nations: Korea and China. As they both have acting careers, they do have things in common. Their defined facial figures and flawless skin catches audiences’ eyes.

Song Ji Hyo has baby face that makes it difficult to predict that she is actually in her thirties. Her youthful beauty comes from supple skin. Chen Bolin also possesses sun-kissed and tight skin which boosts his virile charms. The couple’s future performance on the show is much anticipated thanks to the similarities they have.


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