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[bnt interview] The Reason Why 30-Year-Old Lee Tae Sung Is More Expected

[by Lee Lin, translated by Bae Jung Yun] After the end of MBC drama ‘Pots of Gold’, Lee Tae Sung completed serving in the military and came back to drama viewers in July, 2015 without a break in between. After discharge from military service, he, who came back with bigger responsibility, met with bntnews.

From ended MBC drama ‘My Mom’, he put down his original image and tried a new transformation. He took a role of immature troublemaker, second son, Kim Gang Jae in the drama and blended well with the character by breaking his original smart chief image.

“It was a totally different character. He was not an elite nor a young gentleman, but just a troublemaker in an ordinary family. Because it was a relaxed character, I was able to let myself go. During the acting, what I thought the most important was freedom of acting. I wanted alive and moving expression in the everyday life. Drawing character in three dimensions was much harder for me. A character, Kim Gang Jae had a lot of ups and downs.”

It was about seven months of a long journey. Particularly, he needed to concentrate on the drama because it was his first drama after coming back from a long period of military service. He received a synopsis during his army service and started filming the drama right after discharging from the army. He said the casting offer of the drama ‘My Mom’ came to him like a destiny.

“I received a synopsis when I was a sergeant. Then, after discharge from the army, I had a meeting with the drama director. My role was a former baseball player, who quit his job because of the shoulder injury. I actually experienced the same situation, so the role touched my heart. I really liked it. It is hard to meet a character who has a melodramatic scene with two actresses and I was also attracted to Kim Gang Jae who has a three-dimensional feeling.”

Lee Tae Sung was 30-year-old by the time he went into the army before playing in the drama ‘My Mom’. Because he left to serve for the country in later age compare to others, 21 months of time might felt longer for him. And, for the most interesting drama he saw during the military service, he selected ‘Shine or Go Crazy’.”

“I went to the army when I still had a lot of energy from my twenties. I wanted to discharge from the army and act in dramas and movies as soon as possible. During the time in the army, I watched a lot of movies, read many books, studied a lot and worked out really hard. Particularly, I read many humane study books. I think I read a book almost every single day. I had profound my thought while writing many articles.”

Just like he previously said, he is a former baseball player actor. For him, who worried about his future career after getting an injury, a job as an actor was unfamiliar. Although, he decided to go to the Seoul Institute Of The Arts because it was close to his house, another world as an actor was shocking to him.

“I never thought of becoming an actor. My dream was to become a professional baseball player and play in the major league. However, I couldn’t continue playing baseball because of the injury, so I worried a lot about my future path. I had a vague notion of I should at least graduate a college, so I prepared to enter the Seoul Institute Of The Arts. In the beginning of preparing for the school, I wanted to play baseball. But, I felt pathetic for friends who locked in the fence called athletic club or baseball club and repeating the same routine endlessly. After coming out from the boundaries I saw a whole different world.”

The intention of him, who only knew about baseball before entering the university, was changed after seeing friends who have a different dream, an actor.

“From a preparatory school, I got shocked while playing ‘Hamlet’ and ‘King Lear’. Friends, who was following the curriculum of a preparatory school, was practice acting for a long time in order to become an actor. I, who played baseball for 10 years, only had couple months left until an entrance examination. I was like ‘Does it makes sense?’. At first, I was shocked by seeing those friends acting, but later, I thought ‘How can they act like that? That’s interesting. I want to try it’. Especially, meeting different kind of friends who I didn’t know before was fun and curious.”

Lee Tae Sung, who dreamed about his new beginning, made his dream come true and ran through his path as an actor. He completed another leap with the drama ‘My Mom’. How does ‘My Mom’ remained in his memory?

“I became a son who is charming for his mom in the drama (laughed). Actually, I am an unfriendly son. During the press conference, my mom envied the scene of me buying a rice noodle for mom in the drama. I thought why couldn’t I do the same thing to my mom. So, I am trying to become a son who is thoughtful and friendly to his mom.”

Moreover, we asked his goal of the year of 2016. He said he wants to vigorously spend the time that he could not use about two years of his resting period. His wish is more glad and anticipated.

“I want to use all the energy I have. It doesn’t mean that I want to do various dramas and movies at the same time. I wish I could meet a drama or a movie that I can indulge my passion into. Senior actors told me that when a person turn 30-year-old, he becomes a real man. I guess that time is one’s best days. The saying, ‘The best days is in one’s twenties’ do not fit in.” (photo by The Queen Entertainment)

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