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[bnt interview] Kim Jun Myun, Dreams Come True for Those Who Dream

[by Lee Lin, translated by Woorim Ahn] Everyone passes the age of 20. EXO Suho’s 20-year-old was very competitive. He stepped down from colorful stages for a while and made a step forward in acting to face the mass public with his real name, Kim Jun Myun.

Recently, bntnews met Kim Jun Myun, who just made a debut as an actor on the big screens with movie ‘One Way Trip’.

He played the role of Sang Woo, who chose to enlist the army instead of going college for his grandma. He and his friends went off to a trip before he joins the army, but they got in an unfortunate accident. In fact, his role isn’t that significant, but he acts as an important dilemma among the friends.

“Actors want to show their various acting skills as they take huge parts, but I think I showed Sang Woo well enough and I’m satisfied with it. I tried my best to show Sang Woo, who is in between youth and adult, as much as I could.”

‘One Way Trip’ took a long casting period and decided the four leading roles. The casting reflected director Choi Jung Yeol’s wish as he mentioned, “I want to discover young actors and I want to show a hot star’s new sides” during the press conference of the film. Kim Jun Myun perfectly melted himself into Sang Woo as he expressed the character in details.

“Since the director told me to prepare for the characters that I want to play, so I chose Ji Gong and Sang Woo. But, he told me to read Sang Woo’s lines since he thought I would fit into the character. I think the director kept thinking of Sang Woo’s character and myself as EXO.”

“When he formed the character in his imagination, he mentioned that Sang Woo should have dark skin and an image of going through struggles. However, Sang Woo should have innocent eyes as well, that’s why I was casted as Sang Woo. I asked the director to tan myself (laugh).”

‘One Way Trip’ isn’t a movie that took a large budget. Before Kim Jun Myun met the film, he wanted to make a step forward as an actor with an independent film.

“Actually, I wanted to start my acting career with independent film, especially the one with school drama plot. Byun Yo Han and other senior actors began their careers with independent films, so I had a romance about it. At that time, there was ‘One Way Trip’ as a coincidence, which was chosen in ‘butterfly project’. The scenario was very interesting and its plot made me choose it.”

However, rather than Kim Jun Myun, the mass public is familiar with EXO’s leader Suho. He never got lazy of practicing singing, dancing and acting and that made him attend Korea National University of Arts majoring in acting. Currently, he dropped out of school since it was hard to work and study at the same time, but his choice in acting was never unreasonable.

“It seemed like my debut would be postponed due to my leg injury. At that time, I was thinking what I could do as a senior of high school. I thought I would learn many things if I went to the school, but I had to let it go since the curriculum was hectic, which I couldn’t do at all with work.”

Thus, ‘One Way Trip’ became more special for Kim Jun Myun that stood at the beginning point of acting. Meeting with the four leading roles made him enjoy filming the movie since they were already close to each other because of Byun Yo Han. In particular, he delivered his thanks to Ryu Jun Yeol.

“Byun Yo Han and Ryu Jun Yeol helped me a lot. Yo Han read the script with me and Jun Yeol gave lots of advices. He told me that enough is enough and get ready to face the reality at the filming site.”

During filming the movie, he was happy to act, especially the scene where he got into an accident.

“I worried a lot when I filmed a scene lying down on the ground with bloods. Since I never got into an accident nor witnessed, I didn’t know how to express it. But then, when I lied down on the ground with bloods, I felt like ‘oh right, I was acting’. When I saw the camera went up and pretended to breathe hard, it felt like there are only me and camera in the world. That’s where I felt excitement.”

He just made a step forward. It might be hard for him to endure the burdens as the leader of EXO and an actor, but it was just a worry. He mentioned that he wants to be a friendly actor as he focuses on his singing career.

“EXO is my priority and that will never change. However, since I get greedier in acting, I should face this seriously. If I can act, I need to rest less and that how I will challenge and I think it is the right way.” (photo by bntnews DB)

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