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Sulli-Song Hye Kyo-Hyeri, Tips for Pink Makeup that Resembles Spring

[by Song Eun Ji /translated by Kim Young Shin] If there could be only one color to represent spring, many would choose pink.

Pink suits the blooming season the best because it is romantic, pure and sweet. If you want to spice up your spring day with pink color, try some changes on your makeup.

If you are interested in pink makeup that you can wear this spring, focus on this article. Here are some pink makeup tips from Korean cosmetic brand too cool for school.

STEP 1 Flawless Skin that Shines

The fundamental step of pink makeup is to make your skin bright, flawless and glowing with moisture. To keep your skin dewy for longer hours, use coverage that also hydrate your skin such as Aqua Serum Cover BB. Apply concealer to cover up blemishes. Enhance your complexion with sheer blusher in pink.

Finish with nude-toned highlighter with shimmery pearls for contouring and brightening effect. Adding radiance to parts of your face helps to illuminate and define facial features.

01 DINOPLATZ LA OLA This all-in-one product includes Aqua Serum Cover BB which contains aqua serum pocket that pops and provides moist glow as soon as it reaches your skin. It also has brightener, concealer and cheek blush. It is especially useful for expressing long-lasting moisture and radiance.

02 Art Class By Rodin Highlighter This highlighter comes in three glittery colors that are similar to the skin tone. Different combination of colors makes different looks. Its shimmery powder particles adhere to the skin and make your face look healthier.

STEP 2 Clear Eyes in Pink

Minimize your eye makeup for a natural pink look. Apply pink pearl eyeshadow all over the eyelid to brighten up the area. Use a creamy eyeshadow to go with the glossy skin.

Before applying mascara, curl up your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. Eyeliner is not necessary if you meticulously coat your eyelashes with mascara without missing out the inner corner and outer corner of the eyes. Moving mascara is recommended for beginners as it has bendable brush can reach corners easily.

01 DINOPLATZ EYE SHADOW ON PLATIRON-No.1 Lavender This jelly-textured eyeshadow contains micro-sized pigment and pearl particles. It locks in moisture and keeps your eye area dewy for a long time. The pigments and pearls stay intact and do not get cakey or smudgy.

02 Dinoplatz Twisty Tail Mascara This moving mascara has a dial that bends the brush in three different angles. Its all-in-one formula is highly effective in curling, lengthening, thickening and settling eyelashes. The soft and fine brush can reach eyelashes even the ones in the inner corners and outer area and defines eyes without using eyeliner.

STEP 3 Glossy Pink Lips like Flower Petals

Complete your makeup by coloring your lips pink like the spring flowers. Make them glossy to match with base makeup.

Glossy tints are perfect for pink makeup. For a natural look, apply it from the center to create gradation. If you want unique one-point makeup, fill up your lips with vivid colors to the lip lines.

CHECK GLOSSY BLASTER TINT too cool for school’s signature recipe with 30 percent water and 70 percent oil creates vivid, long-lasting and moist lip tint. There are also new eye-catching colors recently launched. This product is the collection of positive aspects of lip gloss, lipstick and tint. It colors the lip with glossy and vivid finish.

(photo by too cool for school, bntnews DB)

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