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Get Your Style On with Eyewear and Be Ready For Spring Blossoms

[by Shin Hyun Jung /translated by Kim Young Shin] Celebrities are the quickest to pick up trends. Recently there is a noticeable change to their styling: they are often seen wearing sunglasses.

To see them having eyewear as a part of their fashion makes you realize that sunny days are finally here.

If you are planning to go on picnic under a cherry blossom tree, do not forget to include eyewear as your styling item. You are going to look much more fashionable.

▶ Tinted-Lens Sunglasses

One of the trendiest items is sunglasses with tinted-lens.

About a decade ago, glasses with lightly tinted lens were very popular. What goes around comes around. The new trend of 2016 may also be seen as a part of the retro style.

Rising fashionistas such as actors Yoo Ah In and Lee Dong Hwi were spotted wearing tinted-lens sunglasses at official events. They proved that they deserve their title by presenting themselves in retro looks with stylish sunglasses.

▶ Mirrored-Lens Sunglasses

From two to three years ago, mirrored-lens has been one of the beloved fashion items.

Its popularity is expected to continue in 2016. Contrary to tinted-lens which is clear and see-through, mirrored-lens reflects light and hides what’s behind. It makes others wonder where wearer would be looking at.

Wonder Girls Hyerim and Yeeun’s airport fashion with mirrored-lens sunglasses clearly showed that the item is still very popular. The reflections on the lens’ surface made them look futuristic, refined and chic.

▶ Cat-Eye Shaped Sunglasses
There are variations other than the type of lens that distinguish the wearers’ style such as the shape of the frame.

Rather than common shapes like square or round, choose ones with unusual designs. Cat eye frames look very unique because it is tilted upwards.

Recently, 4Minute Hyuna and miss A Jia attracted public attention by wearing eyewear in special shapes.

▶ Makeup that Complements Eyewear Styling

Makeup can be troublesome when wearing eyewear. It is crucial to get your makeup and sunglasses in harmony.

Flawless skin and vivid lip makeup goes well with eyewear styling. Here are some suggestions for ideal looks.

01 ditebeau Aronia Special Balance Moisture Cream

Meticulous skin care precedes natural skin coverage. Prepare your skin before base makeup by applying moisturizing cream.

02 HERA UV Mist Cushion

This cushion product naturally brightens skin tone and covers blemishes. Its sheer coverage is perfect for sunglasses styling.

03 NARS Manhunt

This red lipstick has misty finish which can highlight your looks with sunglasses.

(photo by ditebeau, HERA, NARS, bntnews DB)

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