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The After Party Looks of Three Actresses from ‘Six Flying Dragons’

[by Kim Min Soo /translated by Kim Young Shin] On March 22, popular SBS drama ‘Six Flying Dragons’ aired its final episode. What the women casts wore to its after party was under the spotlight.

The drama’s 50 episodes won the hearts of viewers because of its great stories, detailed emotions played by actors and spectacular action scenes. Its casts and staffs celebrated themselves for their endeavor at the after party.

Among the party’s guests, three actresses – Shin Se kyung, Gong Seung Yeon and Jeong Yu Mi – captivated people’s attention with their beautiful faces as well as distinctive fashion style. Have a look at what the actresses wore to the party.

#Shin Se Kyung

Actress Shin Se Kyung made a strong impression by taking the role of Boon Yi, a woman who never gave up nor lost faith in herself. She showed up to the event in a classic style. She looked chic and comfortable in loose-fit mid-length trench coat over a white shirt and black pants.

[Editor’s Pick] Trench coat is a popular item because it looks good on many different fashion items. Its classic and chic style boosts femininity. Particularly, a trench coat over the basic combination of white tee shirt and jeans can create urban mood of a modern career woman.

#Gong Seung Yeon

Actress Gong Seung Yeon’s pure appearance in the drama captivated hearts of her fans. She came to the party in an elegant style. She chose a patterned blouse for innerwear and stylish denim pants with cut details. She emphasized her feminine beauty with a white coat.

[Editor’s Pick] A coat gets more attractive if it is in clean and simple white. The color’s pure and romantic vibe highlights spring fashion. Even without fancy details or other accessories, white coats can complete a stylish look.
#Jeong Yu Mi

Of the three actresses, Jeong Yu Mi was in the simplest style. She was in an easy look with a unique patterned blouse and boot-cut denim pants. She highlighted her look by tucking in part of her blouse. Her boxy gray jacket added a sense of vintage to her looks. Also, the clutch and snickers made her style more interesting.

[Editor’s Pick] For a more sensual style, try off-shoulder blouse. The item matched with a denim pants is highly voluptuous. Flower patterns can add adorable charms to the look. Revealing one of the most feminine parts of the body makes you appear softer.

(photo by bntnews DB, stylenanda)

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