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Exotic Beauty Items for Dewy Skin like Yoona of Girls’ Generation

[by Im Mi Ae/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] There are many special days such as parent’s day and teacher’s day and so we might need to go out often for celebration in May.

Many revitalizing products for skin that is harmed by fine dust are released and women particularly like cushion foundation that can correct skin tone while providing moisture to the skin.

Cushion foundation is a special item that is in a portable size that is convenient to be carried around and has a mini mirror included allowing for touch-up on the go. It keeps a lightweight texture even if you re-apply it for a couple of times to help make sleek skin like that of Yoona for all day long.

Among all cushion products, Innisfree ‘My Cushion’ has captured attention as it is a customized individual cushion that allows customers to choose their own case and puff according to their tastes. It can be ordered through ATM. The machine is placed outside the pop-up store that has been spotlighted as Yoona paid a visit there, making it possible for people to order the cushion outside the store.

>> How, Unique Purchase Method

Instead of the standard method of buying the products at the counter, the brand has planned diverse events that can induce the interest of customers. Events such as roulette and lucky box games are held to evoke curiosity. The groundbreaking purchase method using the concept of ATM is also introduced to provide a convenient way of purchase.

1.    Choose from different types of it including brightening, moisturizing and glowing according to your skin type and select a color that matches your skin tone.

2.    After choosing a beauty tool that works well with diverse base, pick a case of a design and color that you like from around 100 of them.

3.    After selecting all, print your order form at the ATM and then you can receive your product at the store where the staff will also perform a test for you.

>> What, Cushion Selected by Yoona

‘My cushion’ is made with green tea water from Jeju, which aims at solving diverse skin problems at once while satisfying the needs of customers who have different skin types and tastes. Its customized concept provides a wide range of choices to fit individual’s taste.

In particular, the case is 22.5mm thick, which is much slimmer than other cushion products available in the market. It is lightweight making it convenient to bring along with you. (photo by bntnews DB, Innisfree)

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Write: 2016-05-12 15:20:28 / Update: 2016-05-12 16:32:46

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