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Taeyeon’s Singing vs Taeyeon’s Appearance, What is Your Choice?

[by Shin Hyun Jung/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] Only ups and no downs. There is nothing more difficult than keeping oneself at the top position. After her debut in 2007, the artist went all the way to the top step by step and has never come down again since then. This is the story of Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation.

Her name ‘Taeyeon’ has already become a brand now. She is a ‘completed piece’ that fits diverse roles such as musician, beauty icon and style leader, which go well with her like her clothes.

Both fans who like her because of her singing and fans who love her because of her appearance are curious about the secret behind the charms of Taeyeon.

▶ Taeyeon’s Singing

‘Talented vocalist’ has been unchangeably used to describe Taeyeon since her debut. She has cracked the prejudice saying that ‘the singing ability of idols is insufficient’. If you listen to her discography, you just can’t stop praising her.

In 2008, she first unveiled her possibility as a solo singer. She sang the OST ‘If’ for the drama ‘Hong Gil-dong’, which is still a hit song loved by many women. Her first solo song has already grabbed the attention of many.

Singing the OST ‘Can You Hear Me’ for ‘Beethoven Virus’ which was another big hit, she has been referred to the representative singer of popular OSTs. She showed her sentimental voice through singing many soundtracks of dramas such as ‘That Winter, the Wind Blows’ and ‘You're All Surrounded’, accentuating the vibe of the works.

Showcasing her talents regularly, Taeyeon gave off her diversified charms by releasing her first solo album ‘I’ last year. She also released a digital song called ‘Rain’, in which her soulful voice that is full of Jazz ambience proved her broad spectrum of voice, making her recognized by all.

▶ Taeyeon’s Appearance

It is insufficient to explain the popularity of Taeyeon by simply describing her as a talented vocalist. Having an appearance that wanted by everyone, she is the beauty icon and role model of many women.

The fact that she is the first female idol whose Instagram has more than seven millions of fans proves that there are many people who want to know the daily life of the artist.

A clear evidence proving Taeyeon as a beauty icon is that she has been the muse of Nature Republic for consecutive years. She has kept her pretty face intact since debut by regularly using various skin care and makeup products such as Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream, Super Aqua Max Moisture Cream and Provence Calendula Ice Puff Sun.

Taeyeon possesses charms that have the power to make people feel good by just looking at her.

(photo by Nature Republic, bntnews DB)

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