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Secrets To Young-Looking Face Of Imvely, Trend Leader In South Korea? They Lie In Her Natural-Looking Eyebrows

[by Jung Ah Young] Everyone dreams of having a baby face. The secrets to young-looking beauty with vitality lie in the eyebrows.  

Celebrities leading the trend in various fields of fashion and beauty as well as South Korean stars who lead the K-beauty do their best in doing their eyebrow makeup. Pay attention to the eyebrow makeup to look younger, proposed by Imvely, a trend leader in South Korea.

Fever For Straight Eyebrows

Straight, gradual eyebrow shape is popular steadily. Most women as well as entertainers trim their eyebrows into a straight shape. Since straight eyebrows give a soft impression and a younger look, not only women but also men prefer straight eyebrows recently.

How To Direct Young-Looking Eyebrows Proposed By ‘Imvely

#Different Design According To Face Shape

In case of a round face, emphasize the highest part of your eyebrows to make your eyebrows look sharper. If your face is in a long shape, direct somewhat thick and natural-looking straight eyebrows. If your face is in the shape of an inverted triangle, present your eyebrows to be like an arch that is round and smooth. If your face is in a square shape, eyebrows in the shape of a gradual curve well match your face.

#Drawing Natural-Looking Eyebrows

First, use a pencil, and sketch the whole shape of your eyebrows. Draw the parts with some empty spaces again to fill the empty spaces in your eyebrows. Express the front parts of your eyebrows by gently emphasizing the texture, and more thickly draw the parts right above your pupils. In this way, you can stress a clearer impression.

#Find Eyebrow Makeup Items That Suit You

IM CUSTOM Brow Specialist: An eyebrow kit containing three sorts of color powder and wax. It can direct natural-looking eyebrows, and can fix your eyebrows with the wax. It persists for a long time.

IM CUSTOM Brow Pencil: A pencil-type eyebrow makeup product with hard formula. It can draw eyebrows without gathering of powder.

1.5 mm Ultrafine Eyebrow Pencil: It is an auto-pencil type, which is convenient to use. It is ultrafine and can express eyebrows to look like real eyebrows.

IM CUSTOM Coloring Browcara: It emphasizes the texture of your eyebrows, and can match the colors of your hair and eyes. You can perform a more complete eyebrow makeup.

(photo by: VELY VELY, bntnews DB)

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