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“Dark Skin Due To Sunlight?” LAFINE, CLINIQUE, and BIOTHERM, Items That Brighten Your Skin

[by Hwang Ji Hye] As summer begins in earnest, you have more worries over your skin because of the strong ultraviolet rays. How can you make your skin unburned, healthy, and bright in the hot weather?

In this case, you had better to perform not only sunblock care but also skin-brightening care and cleansing care thoroughly. Here proposed are items that can make your skin healthy, bright, and shining even under the hot sun in the summer season.
Cleansing, Sunblock Care, And Skin Brightening For Bright Skin In Summer!

In summer, your skin is easily tanned due to strong sunlight. You make efforts to take care of your skin by using a parasol or a sunblock cream, but you may feel it’s not enough. Then, pay attention now.

If you want to keep your skin bright even in summer, it is important to perform cleansing, sunblock care, and skin brightening. Cleansing completely removes wastes in your pores, and can be called the foundation for skin care that helps skin care products be absorbed well into your skin. Try deep cleansing into your pores by using a mild foam cleansing product. Use a skin-brightening care product before sleeping to fill your skin with nutrition, and use a sunblock care product every time you go out. Then, you can make your skin bright and healthy even in summer.


LAFINE Vegetable Foam Cleansing and Deep Cleansing Cream contain five vegetable substances such as cucumber, tomato, carrot, parsley, and water parsley, making your skin moist without irritation. As well, its water parsley substances, which filter out impurities on your skin, present a clear skin tone, and vegetable particles completely remove the wastes on your skin.

After coming back home from outside, you are recommended to primarily wash your face with the Deep Cleansing Cream and then secondarily wash your face with the Pore Foam Cleansing, since the remaining wastes such as sunblock cream and B.B. cream can be removed completely by using the cleansing cream. Next, remove the remaining wastes by using a natural foam cleansing, and you can make the basis for moist skin.

CLINIQUE, SPF 50+ Body Cream

CLINIQUE SPF 50+ Body Cream is a sunblock cream of SPF 50, which protects your skin from UVA and UVB in a stable way with an innovative solarsmart technology. It helps prevent damage to your skin due to ultraviolet rays, and its anti-oxidant substances protect your skin from irritation from the external environment. It is a product without excessive oil, which you can use without worry even if you have sensitive skin.

Evenly apply the Body Cream on those body parts that are exposed to the sunlight 15 to 20 minutes before you go out. After swimming or sweating much, it is good to wipe out with a towel and to reapply the Cream. If you want the best effects, it is desirable to reapply once every two hours.

BIOTHERM, Liquid White Milky Lotion

BIOTHERM Liquid White Milky Lotion is a skin-brightening lotion that provides moisture all day long, and is rapidly absorbed into your skin to intensively brighten the dark parts of your skin. If you want to keep your skin bright in summer, it is important to make your skin tone brighter with skin-brightening care.

First, perform cleansing, take an amount as much as the size of a coin of the Milky Lotion, apply it evenly all over your face. You just have to softly apply the Milky Lotion as if you are drawing a circle on the whole face of yours excluding those parts around your eyes in the next step of using a skin toner or essence.


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