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Women, Show Your Shoulders This Summer

[by Kim Min Soo] This summer, women are showing their shoulders. The curves along your shoulder line, which is round and looks weak, are the best to touch men’s hearts. Women are enjoying the fashion to disclose their shoulder as if they know the hearts of men.

Recently, there are a variety of styles to show your shoulders, and even an attractive attitude makes them more stand out. As well, it is a very good item to express women’s charm thanks to the unique atmosphere of off-shoulder clothes. The items that show the shoulders can be called to have a thousand faces since it ranges from off-shoulder ones that show the whole shoulders to one-shoulder items that shows one shoulder and those items that show the shoulders by having a part cut.

Off-shoulder clothes make men excited. How can you direct the items?

#Off-Shoulder Items That Show Whole Shoulders: Be Elegant

Do Hee, an actress who have shown a cute charm usually, attended a VIP preview, making a feminine atmosphere and attracting the attention. She matched an off-shoulder blouse with patterns and white hot pants, boasting her more mature aspects. In particular, her collarbones, which were in harmony with her long hair, doubled her sexy beauty.

[Editor’s Pick] The charm of an off-shoulder item is to show your round shoulder lines, long, thin arms, neck lines, and collarbones and to make sexier atmosphere than that of any other clothes. In addition, since the breast line fits your body, it does not feel bad in hot weather even if you disclose your whole shoulders. You can add even sophisticated beauty if you match it with denim hot pants.

#Enjoy Your Style With One-Shoulder Items

Singer Seo In Young attended a production briefing. On that day, she displayed her own unique charisma. She overwhelmed other people’s eyes with a one-shoulder item, which shows one shoulder of hers, and denim pants. Here, she did not forget to give a point to her total look with her short hair and red lips.

[Editor’s Pick]
If you want to try a bold style, you are recommended to try a one-shoulder item first. It discloses one shoulder’s lines fully, and can draw a sexy, alluring mood. You can attract the attention even without any other exposure of your skin.  

#Slightly Exposed Shoulders

Yuri from Girls’ Generation, who visited the airport for her overseas schedule, completed her airport fashion with all black looks. Her shoulders, which were disclosed by having a part of the clothes cut, doubled her charm, and she showed a very sensitive styling.

[Editor's Pick] It would be a big mistake that an off-shoulder is a splendid item. You can complete a comfortable, sensible look by reducing the burden of exposure with an item cut to show only a part of your shoulder and by matching a denim pants. How about exposing your shoulders if you want to make men excited?

(photo by: bntnews DB, Stylenanda)

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