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RIN, CHANEL and LANCÔME, Highly Nutritional Items For Your Skin

[by Kim Hee Eun] In August, many people are suffering from dry, dark skin in the severely hot weather. You would not just welcome this summer season when your skin gets burned by strong ultraviolet rays and has more sebum and troubles due to more active generation of oil in your skin.

In times like this, most women have a misperception that since it is summer with a high humidity, their skin must have sufficient moisture. However, they are mistaken. In summer, you come to wind from fans and air conditioners often because of the high temperatures, and your skin gets even drier. Here introduced are items that keep your skin moist and give your skin nutrition.

Why You Should Take Greater Care Of Your Skin In Summer

In the summer season with hot weather, the temperatures are high with stronger sunlight. In addition, there is stronger ultraviolet rays, which is the main culprit that causes melisma and blemishes on your skin and makes your skin age faster. As well, there are more issues such as heated skin and larger pores.

In addition, since you are exposed to wind of coolers, your skin is oily outside but dry inside. Since all these circumstances influence your skin in a negative way, you must take a thorough care of your skin in summer.  

Elasticity Care For Anti-Aging

If you want to prevent your pores from getting bigger and make your skin elastic in summer, try skin care by using products containing oriental medicinal substances. Since oriental medicinal cosmetics contain ginseng, they help your skin damaged by stress recover and delay your skin’s aging process.

HANSAENG COSMETICS RIN contains substances including peony, and relieves wrinkles and improves your skin tone rapidly and effectively. As well, it provides oriental medicinal cosmetics, which are rapidly absorbed into your body and can be used even for sensitive skin without worry. In addition, it accelerates generation of collagen, helping delay your skin’s aging.

Skin-Brightening Care For Transparent Skin

You must make more efforts for skin-brightening care in summer for your skin can be easily darker because of sunlight. It takes long for dark skin to be brighter again, and it is important to take good care to prevent your skin from getting darker. In addition, since the effects of skin brightening are made over a long period of time, you must not hurry but take care of your skin every day.  

CHANEL Le Blanc Whitening Moisturizing Cream Fine is made of light, fresh texture, making you feel soft, silky touch. As well, it is excellent for intensively moisturizing your skin and relieving spots made by pigmentation. Its another strong point is make your dark skin bright and transparent.    

Moisturization For Providing Vitality

Moisturization can be said to be essential for your skin, which is tight inside, in summer. For you can make your face clear and your impression bright only by sufficiently moisturizing your skin. If your skin lacks moisture, your face would look like having insufficient moisture no matter how bright skin tone you make by makeup.

Thus, apply sufficient moisture cream in the step of skin care every day. LANCÔME Energie De Vie Moisturiser strengthens the water protective film on your skin, giving much moisture. In addition, it can be used without stuffy feeling even in summer since it has a fresh finish on your skin.

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