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Preview Of Stars’ Fashion Items for This Autumn

[by Kim Minsoo] September has come very close to use, but, the summer weather still continues because of the heat wave which has been especially long and severe. Thus, people hope that autumn will come as soon as possible.

What makes you feel the season first is fashion. People on the streets are still wearing summer clothes, but stars who follow the trends fast are already busy preparing for the coming autumn. Isn’t it the time to find items for autumn before the season comes to use soon?

Let’s look at which fashion is displayed by which stars to fit the autumn breeze.

# Lady Jane

Singer Lady Jane, who has recently come back with her new song, ‘Just 2 Days,’ appeared at the new building of KBS for participating in the rehearsal for the TV show, ‘Music Bank.’ Like her nickname, ‘Hongdae Goddess,’ she appeared with a pleasantly plain style by using a white shirt and denim short pants. She directed attractive looks with only a pair of sunglasses without any other item.

[Editor Pick] A white shirt is picked as one of the most usable items all year round. In particular, if you want to complete a romantic style that fits the autumn season, try a shirt with shirring on the sleeves. In addition, you had better wear a cropped top or a black innerwear. If you match denim short pants, you can complete a fashionable style.

# Jun Somi

Jun Somi from I.O.I also appeared to participate in ‘Music Bank’. She is only 16 years old, but she attracted the attention by boasting mature atmosphere with beautiful smile. She matched a dark khaki T-shirt and denim short pants, displaying her stylish aspects. She also added a point with her shoes, showing a style that fits the autumn mood.

[Editor Pick]
This autumn, you are recommended to have a knitwear if you are a woman. It is used for a variety of styles, and can increase your feminine feeling. If you match it with denim pants, you can show comfortable and sexy atmosphere. Thus, it would be hard to find a better item than that.

# Lee Yowon

Actress Lee Yowon visited the airport for her overseas schedule. She attracted the attention with her young looks, which make it hard to believe that she has three children, and a chic airport look. She matched a white shirt and denim shot pants, and wore a camel-colored trench coat, showing a sophisticated airport fashion.

[Editor Pick]
A trench coat is an item that can’t be excluded in autumn. It is in harmony with any item, and is the best among outerwear. In particular, dark mono tones such as camel, black, and navy are expected to attract women also in this season. Isn’t it because of the autumn items that will improve the dignity of your style that you are waiting for the autumn atmosphere? (photo by: bntnews DB, Stylenanda)

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