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Zhou Jieqiong-Kim So Hye-Jeon So Mi, I.O.I’s Fashion Emerges This Fall

[by Kim Minsoo] It is no exaggeration that 2016 is a year of girl groups. Various girl groups from those who have been popular steadily to new ones are attracting the attention of the general public. Especially, I.O.I, which is made of 11 girls picked through fierce competition from among 101 girls, has taken center stage from the early days of its debut.

The members of I.O.I are 18 years old on average. They have innocent and lively charm as well as excellent skills. Their fashion has also emerged as a subject in which many women are interested. Recently, they visited KBS for a rehearsal for Music Bank, attracting the attention with their looks.

With which style did they attract the attention? Let’s examine their fashion styles with their own charm.

#Zhou Jieqiong

Zhou Jieqiong is a member with many male fans thanks to her mature image relative to her age. She matched a gray T-shirt and black shorts, creating feminine and sexy mood. In addition, she completed her looks by holding a burgundy-colored clutch bag and wearing strap sandals.

[Editor Pick] In this uncertain weather, it is important to properly add or subtract. You must complete a successful style by adding and subtracting items properly. Select a T-shirt in a simple design, and match pants with beautiful details, showing a wild feeling. That is another kind of attraction.

#Kim So Hye

Kim So Hye, who appeared with bright smile attracted the attention with a checked shirt and shorts. Especially, she selected an overfit shirt, showing the so called ‘pantless look’ and a style with both lively and sexy charm.

[Editor Pick] Check patterns are one of the fashion trends that women look for every fall. This adds a classical point to create a more beautiful fall mood. Match shorts, and you can upgrade women’s fashion this fall.

#Jeon So Mi

Jeon So Mi, the youngest member of the group, also directed a ‘pantless look’ like Kim So Hye. However, she attracted the attention with splendid red-colored outerwear and made a cute casual look with her own charm standing out with a gray bucket hat.  

[Editor Pick] You can’t emphasize only a feminine style even if it is fall. It is proper to use a blouson which makes a strong impression. If you match a black dress, it will be a peak of fashion style. Those women who struggle to keep up with the trend this fall must remember that the greatest trend is their own self-confidence. (photo by: bntnews DB, Stylenanda)

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