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MAXCLINIC CIRMAGE Lifting Stick Attracts The Attention In The World

[by Oh Eunsun] K-beauty has captivated the eyes of the world with unique ideas and perfect functional products. IOPE Air Cushion is a representative example: It is a cushion-type foundation that is so popular that overseas designer brands imitate the product.
Recently, products with new ideas released by South Korean beauty brands are attracting the attention in the world. MAXCLINIC CIRMAGE Lifting Stick is an item made by adding cream and a massage tool. 

The product has been so popular that users from 46 countries posted replies on the video of before and after using it uploaded on the SNS account of the brand and shared the video with people in their own countries. The video was transferred through other routes such as WeChat in those countries where people can’t freely use Facebook such as China. The video was introduced as a video of a topic of conversation in news programs in Taiwan and Thailand. 

The female model’s sagging cheeks, parts around her eyes, and chin were lifted amazingly as soon as she applied the CIRMAGE Lifting Stick. The demonstration was conducted by drawing pictures on her cheeks for definite comparison, and as a result, the picture on the side where the CIRMAGE Lifting Stick was applied was lifted visibly.

This is possible due to those substances contained in the product such as the petit collagen complex, spider web peptide, and power bonding complex, which is a fixer substance. In addition, it contains effective substances for human skin and body, and you can use it without side effects. As well, seven jars of anti-aging cream are enriched and contained in the product, and the texture is slowly melted by your body temperature and is absorbed into your skin. 

Before using the product, melt it on your palm and make it soft, and then massage your face by using it. You can feel comfortable by pressing those parts with knotted muscles and stiff parts by using the product. It is also good to stimulate lymph in the same manner. Here introduced is how to massage your face by using the product, which you can perform easily.

Use the product by dividing it into surface C of the broadest surface, surface A, and surface B. First, let surface B contact your face, and apply the product by lifting your skin from your neck upward twice to three times. Then, press the parts behind your ears. Apply the product by letting surface B contact your face by lifting your chin and thick parts around it up to under your ears along your chin line once to twice. After that, apply the product once to twice by lifting your skin from the end of your chin up to your temples. 

Next, let surface B contact your face, and apply the product once to twice from the ends of your lips to your temples. Apply the product from the ends of the rounded sides of your nose up to your temples, and then apply the product by using the edge of surface A from the front ends of your eyebrows to your temples. After that, let surface B contact your face from the front ends to the rear ends of your eyes once to twice as if you are flattening the convex parts under your eyes. 

Lastly, let surface A contact your face or use the edge to apply the product twice to three times by lifting from over your eyebrows to your hairline. Apply the product from the center of your hairline down to your temples, and gently press your temples with the product.

In addition, MAXCLINIC is a brand famous for its beauty items with excellent effects. Other than the CIRMAGE Lifting Stick, MAXCLINIC’s oil cleanser is also loved by many consumers. You can remove heavy point make-up and wash your face at once. In addition, you can perform deep cleansing by using the brand’s pore brush together. (photo by: n&b lab, bntnews DB)

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