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Unique Green Festival! A Campaign for Protecting the Environment and Your Skin

[by Lim Miae, photo by Kim Gang Yoo] As ‘eco-friendly things’ are emerging as a trend, more consumers are aiming at beautiful consumption. Innisfree held ‘Play Green Festival 2016’ at Yongsan Family Park on September 10, showing a variety of events such as programs for generating electricity.

The campaign has been held as the third one for spreading a message that going green is not something difficult or serious but a fun play. Innisfree gave eco-bags and handkerchiefs instead of plastic bags and tissues at the entrance, showing that you can practice a green life even with trivial actions.  

The major programs included ‘Playground’ for making needed energy in person and ‘Play green class’ form making items with bottles and handkerchiefs that are not used any longer. If a visitor took part in a program, he or she could receive a stamp on a mini-book they got at the entrance, and had more and more benefits in accordance with the number of stamps.

The event’s finish was decorated with a special concert. Kim Na-young emceed the concert, and artists representing a variety of musical genre such as Yoo Seung-woo, Gray, and Zion T participated in the concert. In addition, Yukki Kuramoto, a famous pianist in the world, displayed a stage with beautiful melody and the nature as a special guest.

>> Energy You Make in Person! Easy, Beneficial Play

PLAY 1. Experience of Skin Diagnosis & Beauty Talk

Your skin has much increased melanic pigments in summer and then you feel also dry skin in fall. Thus, you come to make more efforts for skin care. Skin diagnosis is a needed process before skin care and you can do it at home by using a skin moisture measuring unit or the like, which is sold in the market, but it can’t provide opinions of specialists.  

Innisfree prepared ‘Beauty Talk Experience’ as the first program for the campaign, and provided a precise diagnosis of the participant’s skin type before they test a variety of cosmetic items placed in the promotion. The skin type is mostly divided into four types of normal, oily, dry, and combination. Your skin type varies according to internal elements such as eating habits and genes and external elements such as the climate and exposure to UV rays.  

For instance, if your skin is dry, you need to focus on recovering your skin’s ability to hold moisture. Softener substances such as vegetable oil, mineral oil, and cocoa butter form a film on the outer layer of your skin, so those with extremely dry skin are recommended to pick a cosmetic product by keeping it in mind.

PLAY 2. From Serum to Sunblock Cream! Tests of Various Products

After testing your skin, you could in person try using various products such as serum, oil, mist spray, and sunblock cream. Innisfree prepared chairs for you to sit on them and take time to look around.

PLAY 3. Make Energy, Exercise Zone

You needed to move to get snacks provided in the Festival. If you stepped on the pedals of a provided bicycle, you could generate electricity and operate machines for cotton candy and popcorn. You needed to participate three or more programs to make unique fashion items by using handkerchiefs.

>> Small Resting Place, Healing Time in the City


Not all programs prepared required your movements.  

The library with the theme of ‘practice eco-friendly activities with books’ was placed in the shade of trees. Its soft chairs and pleasant environment helped the visitors to take some rest and relieve fatigue from busy life in the city.  

There were models of leaves hanging on the ropes tied on the branches of trees, saying “It feels like something great is going to happen, doesn’t it” and stimulating the innocence of childhood. (photo by bntnews DB)

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