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Want to Be a Fashion Leader? Try ‘Leather’

[By Lee Jushin] These days, cool fall winds blow and the temperatures are getting lower. At this time of the year, fashion people begin to wear leather items. Leather shows a sexy, chic charm. However, because of leather’s characteristics, you can’t wear leather clothing when it is hot or cold.

There are more diverse leather items from one year to another. Leather is used for basic pants and skirts as well as jackets. In addition, new leather items are released by mixing and matching leather and fur or the like in the form of vests and cardigan-style jackets.

Therefore, leather items come in more diverse colors. It is important to thoroughly check the fashion trends for your styling. 

▼Color Points, Hong Eun Hee

Actress Hong Eun Hee, who is now acting for daily drama ‘Working Mom, Parenting Daddy’, appeared at a movie preview for her husband. She is called best supporter for her husband, and gave a point to her fashion with a dark green flared leather skirt.

[Editor pick] Since leather sufficiently makes fashionable images, it would be good to wear the most basic top. Show a simple, trendy charm by matching a minimal brown leather skirt and black basic round collared knitwear.  

▼Standard of Basics, Ahn So Hee

Singer and actress Ahn So Hee, who has recently acted for movie ‘Train to Busan’, is usually called a fashionista with her excellent fashion sense. She makes a topic at every event she attends with her fashionable styles. She showed her chic charm with a rider jacket and black pants, which are the standard of basics.

[Editor pick] If it is hard to do more than the basics, rather focus on other items. Match a basic rider jacket and a more splendid shirt, and give a point with a flared skirt, which is cut in an unbalanced way. Then, you can emphasize a simple, unique image.

▼Perfect Body, Clara

Actress Clara, who appeared at the airport for her overseas schedule, made her body line more outstanding with her great fashion sense. She selected black leather skinny pants and wine-colored blouse, attracting the attention with her attractive, sexy mood. 

[Editor pick] If you are not confident about your legs, pick wide leg pants over skinny pants or leggings. Wear a black turtleneck knitwear and wide leg pants, and you can complete a beautiful fashion. (photo by: bntnews DB, Stylenanda)

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Write: 2016-09-28 17:06:24 / Update: 2016-09-28 17:15:40

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