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Close Examination of Fall Fashion Trends!

[by Kim Minsoo] In fall, there are various moods of styles, not like in summer. Many of you may have waited for those styles. However, since there are rapid changes in colors, materials, and design, you may make a mistake to present an outdated fashion.

In this case, you may refer to stars’ styles. As the cool weather continues, many female stars are doing their best to show new styles in this season. Then, who have presented trends that attract the attention?

Here’s three trend items in this fall you can see from Sandara Park, Jessica, and Min Hyo Rin. 

#Sandara Park

Singer Sandara Park appeared at the airport to leave for Japan. She selected an oversized outerwear and ragged denim pants, showing a stylish airport fashion as a pioneer of fashion trends. Here, she added a piercing ball cap, completing a sensible style.

[Editor Pick]
In fall and winter, the item which is steadily loved is ‘blouson.’ Since it presents a splendid style and keeps your warm, it is one of the items preferred by many women. Especially, the point of the blouson for this season is a greater dynamism with combination of white and burgundy colors.


Jessica also appeared at the Incheon International Airport for attending a cosmetics brand event. She used a denim jacket to give notice of this season’s trends. She matched a black top and a miniskirt, boasting her chic charm. In addition, she wore a denim jacket, attracting the attention with a sophisticated casual look. As well, she chose sunglasses and ankle boots, which are inevitable in airport fashion, for presenting a perfect look.

[Editor Pick] If you want to present a better look this season, select denim. The most important point here is present a big, comfortable silhouette with an over-sized clothing. In addition, you can feel more charm of the fall season by giving a point with a black dress, so remember.

#Min Hyo Rin

The black fashion of actress and singer Min Hyo Rin was just right. She appeared at an official event, boasting her attractive aspects by fully using black items, which are unavoidable in fashion trends in fall. She added a bolder point with leather pants with studs, which is a feature of her fall looks.

[Editor Pick]
In fall, there are many calm styles with a chic mood. Therefore, if you feel your all black look looks plain, you had better match a white-colored basic item for displaying the charm of the fall season. This is a major trend in the fall season, which broadens the scope of style. (photo by: bntnews DB, Stylenanda)

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