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Want ‘Perfect Combination’ of Bobbed Hair and Fashion?

[by Kim Minsoo] For women, hair and fashion are inseparable from each other. Sometimes, your hairstyle is the major element in your style. Hairstyle develops along with fashion trends, and gives a big impact on changing your image.

Of those, what has the greatest changes in your looks is ‘bobbed hair’. Instead of long straight hair, which used to be considered as a symbol of women, bobbed hair is attracting great attention from women as another symbol of women. If you add sensible fashion style to bobbed hair, you may be a fashionista.

In order to look more perfect, don’t think hair is one thing and fashion is another. Here’s fashion styles matched with bobbed hair that stars have shown.

#Bae Doona

Bae Doona appeared at an event for a beauty shop, boasting her attractive looks with bobbed hair and showing that the major trend is ‘bobbed hair.’ Especially, she showed such a chic aspect that many women wanted to bob their hair, improving the formal looks and dignity of her black-and-white clothes.

[Editor Pick]
If you want to maximize your chic charm, you may need to select all-black fashion. Black looks that are well matched with bobbed hair can appeal your urban, sophisticated charm.

#Seo Hyun Jin

Actress Seo Hyun Jin has transformed to look cuter and livelier with bobbed hair with shorter bangs and wavy hair. She is enough to be called ‘an actress you want to look like’ or ‘an ideal type’. She attended the production briefing session for movie ‘Because I Love You’ in a bustier and high-waist slacks, attracting the attention with her trendy fashion sense. 

[Editor Pick]
Since now is the time when your fashion is also acknowledged as your abilities, you had better pick more fabulous items rather than just to keep the basics. Especially, match a striped shirt with cuffs and a bustier, and you can display your stylish aspect and feminine mood. 


Sooyoung appeared at the airport for her overseas schedule with somewhat long bobbed hair, whose ends are wavy. Here, she matched a black turtleneck shirt, white shirt, and wide-leg pants with checked patterns, presenting complete airport fashion. In addition, she wore a navy coat which creates a refined mood.

[Editor Pick] This winter, you may see many women who match a turtleneck T-shirt and a shirt. This style deserves your attention since it looks fashionable and maximizes the mood of bobbed hair. (photo by: bntnews DB, Stylenanda)

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