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Lose Weight with LEBODY FORM in Winter When You Don’t Want to Move

[by Shin Hyunjung] In the cold weather, you come to shrink. As winter approaches, you hesitate even to go out. In this situation, it is not easy to do exercise. As you get into the season when you stop exercising, your body line comes to an emergency situation.

You desperately need secrets to take care of your body line at home. Settle the issue with ‘LEBODY FORM, which is like ‘a trainer at your home.’


LEBODY FORM is a medium-frequency device, which tightens and relaxes muscles in your abdomen, arms, and thighs for taking care of your body line.

Its principles are simple: It induces stimulation to your muscles through 1000 Hz of alternating current. This stimulation promotes energy consumption, helping burn your body fat and accelerating your blood circulation.

▶ Specific Effects Expected?

LEBODY FORM stimulates your autonomic nervous system, suppressing activity of your sympathetic nerves and extending your blood vessels for an increase in your blood flow. This promotes your circulation of lymph, discharging wastes and reducing swelling and cellulite.
In addition, it stimulates your motor nerves and tightens and relaxes your muscles, tightening your tissues and strengthening your muscles. Your newly generated muscles consume energy, reducing your body fat.

You can even get effects of improving your skin’s elasticity and reproducing your skin.

▶ What Is Medium Frequency, the Key Point in LEBODY FORM?

A medium frequency receives the least resistance from your skin. Therefore, it barely irritates your skin, and when the current penetrates your skin, you feel almost no pain or displeasure. Even if you stimulate your skin with a medium frequency at a high intensity, you have no risk of getting burns, and you can effectively take care of a specific part, a deep part, and a broad part of your skin by using it.

Since it operates after current has already penetrated into your muscles, you feel it soft and get massage effects in an efficient way.

▶ How to Use

Apply enough crema, which is optimized for maximizing the device’s effects, on those parts such as your abdomen, arms, and thighs.

Turn the device on, put it on the parts, and leave it on your skin for around three minutes by controlling the intensity using the buttons. Here, stretch your body simply, and the effects would be doubled. (photo by: LEBODY FORM, bntnews DB)

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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