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[Beauty Editor’s Real Test] KICHO ‘Water Recipe Cleansing Water’

[by Song Eunji] KICHO, a brand which shows functional cosmetics without irritation to your skin, has newly released a cleansing water.

The cleansing water, which contains deep sea water with rich minerals and seaweed extracts with excellent anti-oxidizing effects, is called the ‘Water Recipe Cleansing Water.’ It also contains coconut water with papain enzyme and plentiful nutrients to differentiate its ‘water,’ which is a basic element of cleansing water.

A beauty editor of bntnews has tested the ‘Water Recipe Cleansing Water,’ the new product of KICHO, a brand greatly loved in China and the U.S. as well as in South Korea thanks to its mild but superior functional products.

PART 1. Package

The product has a transparent package that completely shows the content, which has a simple design. The biggest characteristic of the package is its sharp conical entrance, which allows a user to conveniently control the quantity of the cleansing water to be used. As well, the package is made from soft plastic for easy control of the quantity of the cleansing water to be used.

PART 2. Texture & Fragrance

As a cleansing water, its form is watery and clear. It has light texture without viscosity and gentle fragrance which causes no repulsion.

PART 3. Cleansing Effects

What is the most important in a cleansing water is ‘cleansing effects.’ We have tested its cleansing effects by putting on some makeup products on the arm or the like and wiping them off by using the cleansing water. Could ‘Water Recipe Cleansing Water’ completely remove heavy makeup?

>> Concealer

We conducted a test by using a concealer, whose coverage is greater than that of a foundation. Though it was a rich form of concealer, the cleansing water could completely remove the residue by just gently rubbing.

>> Lipstick & Tint

When you apply a lipstick or a tint, you need to use a lip and eye remover because they are not easily removed. We conducted a test with a matte lipstick and a liquid tint. We soaked a cotton ball in the cleansing water, put the cotton ball on the part with the makeup on for around three seconds, and wiped it off by lightly pressing it. Then, even the residue was completely removed.

>> Eyeliner

We conducted a test by using a waterproof eyeliner for strictness of the test. Even if it was a black eyeliner with pearl, we could see even the pearl residue was completely removed.

PART 4. Skin Soothing & Moisturizing Effects

We checked the skin condition by using a moisture and oil measuring device. Before using the cleansing water, it was found moisture was -2, oil was -2, and skin roughness was -2. After removing the makeup with the cleansing water, we measured again to find moisture was +5, oil was +3, and skin roughness was +5. In addition, even though the tested skin was sensitive, the skin was kept moist without itchy or dry feeling or redness.

PART 5. Total Review of ‘Water Recipe Cleansing Water’
Cleansing Effects + Pore Control + Moisturizing Effects + Soothing Effects ★★★★★

What was the most satisfactory while we were testing KICHO Water Recipe Cleansing Water was that even the point makeup was completely removed at once without using any other cleanser. It was also attractive since it could keep the skin moist for a long time without excessive oil.

The quality of the new product of KICHO was excellent to meet its global popularity. If you have found a point makeup remover with much oil burdensome or have not been satisfied with a cleansing water with weak cleansing effects, you would be sufficiently satisfied with KICHO Water Recipe Cleansing Water. It is also easy to carry around for you to conveniently cleanse your skin even during travel. (photo by: KICHO, bntnews DB)

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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