Flower-Patterned Dress in Cold Weather? “The weather doesn’t matter”

[by Kim Minsoo] Floral patterns, whose popularity seemed to end, boast more glamorous existence despite the cold weather. Many women in floral-patterned dresses catch the eye even though the weather is as cold as in the middle of winter.

Floral patterns are so practical for women to wear, and dominate the entire mood of a woman’s total fashion.

In addition, though floral patterns seem to have limitations because of their unique charm, they are loved by fashion people through sensitive transformation in colors and materials. Here are this season’s styles with floral-patterned dresses chosen by stars.

#Son Na Eun, Rider Jacket + Dress

Son Na Eun from Apink appeared at the VIP preview for movie ‘Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned’. She matched a flower-patterned dress and a rider jacket, boasting her feminine aspect in front of the photowall. She perfectly presented the casual style and a real way look.

[Editor Pick] You may not have thought an outerwear and a dress would match well, but since over-sized jumpers emerged, the match could be done in a stylish mood. Floral patterns can be matched with any item in harmony, so you can use it in any season.

#Han Jimin, Knitwear + Layered Look

Likewise, actress Han Jimin, who attended the same preview, matched a white knitwear with a dress, attracting the attention. Her oversized layered look doubled her lovely, cheerful image.

[Editor Pick] Another item loved in each and every season along with the outerwear is knitwear. Knitwear attracts attention and occupies a section of your closet for fall and winter. If you wear just a dress which may make you look cold, it may look boring. But, if you match a dress with a knitwear, you can use the match as a point for a style for this season.

#Uee, Military Look

Singer and actress Uee appeared at the production presentation for MBC new drama ‘White Way’. She showed her chic and elegant charm. Unlike her usual innocent, feminine looks, Uee matched an antique flower-patterned dress and a glamorous jacket, presenting an intensive military style. 

[Editor Pick]
Military looks can be presented in various ways. Emphasize military feelings by matching a floral patterned dress, black coat, and military boots, and add a beanie hat to perfectly stress even the details of the military mood. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)

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Write: 2016-12-01 14:14:57 / Update: 2016-12-01 14:21:18

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