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Winter Skincare Routine for Getting Moist Skin Like Jun Ji Hyun, Han Hyo Joo, and Choo Ja Hyun

[by Song Eunji] Cakey makeup and rough, dark skin are the common worries of women in the winter season.

If you want to be like those actresses who boast moist, shining skin at any time, any place, change your skin care routine right now. In order to properly settle the issues on your skin, it is important to be faithful to the basics.

STEP 1 Cleanse

Thorough cleansing is essential also in winter. Use a cleansing water and a foam cleanser together, and you can wash your face with the least irritation to your skin.

Soak a cotton ball in a cleansing water, which can deeply cleanse your skin and your point makeup at once, and remove your heavy makeup. After that, wash your face again by using a mild natural foam cleanser, and you can completely remove fine dust and wastes as well as makeup residue.

STEP 2 Moisturize Your Skin

Right after you finish washing your face, immediately moisturize your skin by using an essence toner. If you want to remove wastes once again, put an essence toner on a cotton ball, and wipe your skin with it.

Next, finish your basic skin care by using a moisture cream with much nutrition. Use a moisture cream containing substances that are similar to sebum of your skin, such as lanolin (sheep oil), and you can more rapidly moisturize your skin with better effects.

TIP. If Your Skin Is Dry

If your skin is very dry, try using a sleeping pack. Thinly apply a creamy form of sleeping pack all over your face in the last step of your skin care, and that’s enough. While you are sleeping, the nutritional substances of the sleeping pack will be absorbed deeply into your skin, moisturizing your skin more effectively.

Skincare Brand Recommended by Beauty Editor?
>>KICHO, whose products contain natural substances

KICHO has its stores in seven stores of The Whole Foods Market, which is a large organic supermarket chain in the U.S., and famous as a hot place often visited by Hollywood stars. KICHO also has its stores in Macy’s, which is a famous department store in the U.S. The brand has been introduced by T Magazine, which is published by The New York Times, and even Aimee Song, a global fashion blogger, has disclosed that she uses KICHO products often, making a big topic of conversation. The brand boasts its global popularity.

01 KICHO WATER RECIPE CLEANSING WATER A moist cleansing water which can remove makeup and wastes from your skin, thanks to its substances including deep sea water and seaweed extracts.

02 KICHO Natural Mineral Foaming Cleanser A natural foam cleanser which contains natural vegetable surfactant and natural mineral substances, extracted from deep sea near Ulleungdo Island, and is able to remove dead skin cells and wastes from your skin without irritating your skin.

03 KICHO BERRY RECIPE ESSENCE TONER A highly enriched essence toner which contains 90% of deep sea water with rich minerals, fresh berry substances, and lanolin. It is able to finish light skin care without making your skin too tight even when you use only the product at a time.

A functional moisture cream for brightening your skin and reducing your wrinkles, which is made from natural lanolin substances, which are extracted from lamb’s wool, and eight berry substances. It is able to perform complex skin care such as brightening and moisturizing your skin and preventing your skin from aging.

A sleeping pack whose major substances include camelia oil, black ginseng, rosewater, and lanolin (sheep oil) with great effects for soothing your skin, preventing your skin from aging, and moisturizing your skin. It helps complex skin care while you are sleeping. (photo by: KICHO, bntnews DB)

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