Want to Look Innocent and Sexy Like Hyuna, Jun Hyo Sung, and Shin Min A?

[by Lee Hyejung] Many people want to have different charms. Especially, it is very lucky for a woman to look both innocent and sexy.

How can those who want to transform their own charms from innocent to sexy actually do so?

First, what is needed for those who want to express both innocent and sexy image is firm body. Firm body without excessive fat is the basic element for expressing any kind of good image.

You may run or perform squat or lunge at home. What is important is you do so steadily. You need to do exercise for thirty minutes at least four times a week as much as you sweat.  

Another thing you can try to change your image is to change your makeup. You can call makeup as the easiest way to move from innocent looks to sexy looks. 

What you need for an innocent-looking makeup is a pink blusher. Apply a pink blusher around your ’apple zone,’ and you can further emphasize your innocent image. What you need for a sexy makeup is shades. Emphasize your face contour by using shading items, and you can stress your sexy, urban image.

If you dream of becoming a ‘bagel girl (baby face + glamorous body),’ which refers to a woman with innocent-looking baby face and sexy body line, the most important element must be voluptuous body. If you have tried various ways to have full bosom only to fail, it may be another way to consider breast augmentation. 

Choi Hang Seok, plastic surgeon at director at JK Plastic Surgery Center, which is located in Gangnam, a central place in South Korea, says, “Many people pick full bosom as an element for displaying feminine charm, and more people are visiting the hospital. If you have not experienced satisfactory changes even after trying other ways such as exercise, diet, and breast massage, it is another way to consider breast augmentation.”

Among breast augmentation surgeries, a surgery, which inserts a water drop-shaped prostheses into your breasts, uses a variety of measurement considering anatomical shape for you to enjoy a near perfect result. If you use safe prostheses such as Polytech and Allergan, you can remarkably reduce the costs for reoperation, since the spherical capsular contracture is minimized.

Director Choi Hang Seok advises, “As K-beauty continues to be popular, more and more foreigners come to South Korea to transform their looks like those of South Korean entertainers. If you want to receive a breast augmentation surgery in South Korea, it is important to consult with a specialist on which surgery would be most proper for your own breasts in depth and to determine a surgery.”

JK Plastic Surgery Center, which has received an achievement award as a cooperation organization with excellent results of attracting foreign patients from Gangnam-gu Office, is oriented to become a safety plastic surgery hospital by having anesthesiologists and nurses who are in the hospital for 24 hours a day and a CPR team. In addition, the hospital has an operation room with the US FED Standard209D applied for the safety of its patients, and boasts a record of no accident for 19 years through cooperation between skilled specialists. (photo by: JK Plastic Surgery Center, bntnews DB)

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