Look at Stars’ Makeup for Your Perfect Looks for Christmas Date

[by Song Eunji] Women want to show perfect looks to their boyfriends on Christmas.

Since Christmas is only one day in a year, if you dream of a more special style, refer to stars’ makeup. Here’s how to do makeup for Christmas date to keep a perfect makeup for a long time despite the cold weather.

If you want to appeal a feminine, innocent mood, try Han Hyo Joo’s style. Finish a glossy skin expression as if moisture would come out from your skin, and give a point to your cheeks and lips with a light pink color. In addition, just fill the parts between your eyelashes for your eye makeup, making your eyes look clear. Han Hyo Joo appealed her bright, innocent mood by wearing ‘glossy’ makeup from her skin to her lips.

If you want to show a lively mood, it is also a good way to refer to Yoona’s style. She added brightness to her natural-looking, water-glossy skin like Han Hyo Joo. In addition, she stressed her feminine, vivacious image with a pin-up bun hairstyle.

If you want to display a more mature look as it is a special day, give a point to your lip makeup like Jun Ji Hyun. The darker your lip color, the more chic and mature charm you can present. Here, you need to keep gloss skin makeup and the least eye makeup in order to present a more stylish makeup.

Try applying makeup of entertainers depending on your place and clothing for Christmas date. The key is to wear a natural-looking makeup without any excessive touch. It is enough just to make a little change from your daily makeup. If you don’t know how to do such a makeup, you had better try the below method.

How to Do Makeup for Christmas Date

In order to present glossy skin makeup like entertainers, the moisturizing care before base makeup is more important than anything else. Put a lot of highly moisturizing essence toner such as 01 KICHO BERRY RECIPE ESSENCE TONER on a cotton ball, and gently wipe your skin with it. Next, apply 02 GUERLAIN MÉTÉORITES BASE, which will make your skin tone smooth and bright, and then cover your skin with a foundation that fits your skin tone. The knowhow to present a bright skin expression without cakey makeup is to use a moisturizing base makeup product after finishing a simple basic skincare.

After that, thinly draw an eyeline by filling the parts between your eyelashes, and make your eyes look clearer by using a mascara. For clear eyes, you had better use a mascara which can take care of even the shortest eyelashes such as 03 innisfree Skinny Microcara.

Finish your makeup by adding vitality to your cheeks and lips. Lightly apply a blusher, which is made of fine powder, such as 04 NARS BLUSH-ORGASM on your cheeks to add vitality to your face. Next, add colors to your lips by using a glossy lipstick such as 05 LANEIGE Serum Intense Lipstick. If you want to present a natural mood, present a gradation from the inner parts of your lips. If you want to appeal a chic charm, fill your lips with colors within your lip line. (photo by: KICHO, GUERLAIN, Innisfree, LANEIGE, NARS, bntnews DB)

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