Let’s Take a Look at Skincare Tips of Korean Celebrities

[by Oh Eun Sun, translated by Woorim Ahn] K-drama is still hot. After SBS ‘My Love from the Star’ made a great hit, Korean dramas are being popular. Moreover, as much as K-dramas are hot, styling of the characters is also hot. Particularly, the mass public is curious about female celebrities’ hair, makeup and skincare. Thus, here are the skincare tips in common by K-wave stars.

▶ Meticulous Cleansing

Many stars are saying that cleansing is the key point in skincare. If you don’t wash off dirt and makeup perfectly, your pores will be clogged and troubles will be caused.

Cleansing isn’t the same. A star that is popular with her baby face revealed that she uses her fourth finger only to rub her face for cleansing. Moreover, there is a star cleansing with bubbles.

Recently, there are many idea products for easier cleansing. As a representative, all-in-one cleanser can be chosen that is able to wash off without makeup remover.

▶ Moisturizing Fulfillment

The very basic step of skincare is moisturizing. For moisturizing, there are many ways. First of all, supply moist by drinking water. But, avoid drinking teas containing caffeine such as green tea and black tea. Teas might make you drier due to a diuretic effect.

It is also good to use skincare items for moisturizing. Recently, there are many skincare items with anti-aging, whitening and others.

▶ Spa & Aesthetic

In fact, there are many celebrities getting skincare at spa and aesthetics. Concentrating skincare for each person is the reason why it is getting popular.

Recently, many celebrities visited at Spa by Mirte launched by luxury spa care brand Maxclinic on the opening day. Not only Han Hye Jin, but Lee Suk Hoon, Sehun of EXO, Soyi, Lee Tae Ran, Jung Yang, Ryeowon and others attended to grace its launching event.

In particular, consumers can experience treatment programs by beauty editor Park Hye Jung, who researched beauty therapy for 20 years. Moreover, they can practice Maxclinic’s products. Currently, the brand is receiving much love from the public with Cirmage Lifting Stick, Corset Mask, Oil Cleanser and others.

Additionally, Maxclinic Spa by Mirte has a total of six spa rooms having three floors. Based on luxury and modern interiors, all the rooms are consisted of private spaces, so Koreans and tourists will love the shop. (photo by bntnews, Maxclinic)

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