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Jeju in Myungdong! Unique Place That Satisfies Your ‘Five Senses’

[by Lim Miae, photo by Kim Chi Yoon] Myungdong is a central place for travel to South Korea. Many South Koreans as well as foreigners visit this place. Since you can see K-beauty and K-fashion, which are the major elements of the Korean wave, here at once, you can feel the trends just by walking on the streets in Myungdong. 

One of the things tourists pay attention to is South Korean cosmetics stores. In china, not so diverse sorts of color makeup items are released and basic skin care products are the major products. Thus, ‘Youkes’ from China are much interested in the South Korean makeup. Japanese tourists are also captivated by South Korean makeup’s natural skin makeup and expression of lively makeup. 

There are also some uncomfortable things in Myungdong. The streets are not broad enough to accommodate all the visitors. Tourists come to put their suitcases in a charged locker for comfortable shopping. Cheerful songs fill the streets to fit the mood, and do not match well with those who want relax and rest.

In this connection, Innisfree has opened a store in the middle of Myeong-dong to let people enjoy the trip more comfortably, to keep their suitcases for free, and to let them take some rest in a cozy resting place on the second and the third floors.

>> Like Christmas in Jeju, Scene That Satisfies Your Five Senses!

Here prepared is a more special Christmas. It shows the scenery of Jeju Island through a media façade, creating a mood for the year-end period. When you enter this place, you see various products like in most stores, but you feel the mood of Jeju Island everywhere, so you feel like you have visited some ‘famous place’. 

In general, the fresh colors captivate your eyes as much as you feel the image of Jeju Island. A part has a vertical garden made of real flowers, and you can see different items made with beautiful nature as the motif. On the second floor, you can have a special experience of a virtual date with Lee Min Ho through VR.

Hwang Yeon Do, a customer who has experienced the VR video, says, “It feels like Lee Min-ho is really by your side. He even talks to your warmly. You can feel the wind and the scent depending on the video, so you delude yourself as if you are in Jeju Island.”

On top of that, Green Café provides comfortable rest and a variety of deserts such as jam and juice made from ingredients from Jeju Island. The kitchen is open, so you can see the chefs cook with different kind of fun. You can read recipe books in Korean, English, and Chinese, so even foreigners can easily try the recipe. 

A staff of the brand says, “Chinese people prefer the green tea line. Koreans mostly want juice which is good for their health such as deserts containing blueberries. Salads made from fresh vegetables are contained in transparent containers to show the contents. When you order a salad, we offer a bowl for you to take the salad from the container to eat it.”

>> Taste of Jeju You Feel in Myungdong, from Beverages to Salads!

The foods such as brunches and Tiramisu cakes and beverages such as green tea and tangerine juice are made from foods from Jeju Island, and they offer neat, deep tastes. They also have some other fun: The foods are piled up into layers like sandwiches, being contained in a bottle. When you purchase them, you receive a white bowl, and you can put the salads in the bowl to eat them.

When you order a green tea latte, you get green tea sap separately from the beverage for you to control the concentration depending on your taste. You can taste various tastes of the juice on the display stands even if you don’t want to buy one. It is a special service where the staffs make juice for you when you designate a beverage. 

>> Free Locker Service, for Light Body, Light Heart!

The free locker is the most impressive service. 

You can go up to the fourth floor by using the elevator on the exterior of the building, and put your suitcase in a locker you want and enter the password. There is even no limit on time for the storage. You can use the locker from 9am to 11pm. You can safely keep your luggage, which is increased by shopping, and this is an attractive service for South Korean visitors as well as foreigners. (photo by bntnews DB)

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