“Want to Know South Korean Trends?” Preview of Beauty Trends in 2017

[by Song Eunji] Recently, many women in the global community show interests in K-beauty, thanks to popularity of South Korean cultural contents such as dramas and music.

Then, what are the beauty trends in South Korea that are expected to be in fashion in 2017? Here’s South Korean beauty trends in 2017 picked by beauty specialists.

TREND 1 Glossy Skin

The first trend is naturally glowing, glossy skin with moisture from inside your skin. If you want to present glossy skin full of moisture without an artificial feeling, the basic skin care step before base makeup is more important than anything else.

Put a sufficiently quantity of essence toner, which is fast absorbed into your skin and is able to build a firm moisture film, on a cotton ball, and tone your skin by gently wiping your skin with it. After that, thinly apply a moisture cream, which contains rich nutrition and moisturizes your skin, all over your face, and apply a base product which fits your skin tone. Then, you can present moist, glowing skin without glitter.

01 KICHO BERRY RECIPE ESSENCE TONER A highly enriched essence toner which contains 90 percent of deep sea water with rich minerals, fresh berries, and lanolin substances, and is able to finish light skin care without too tight feeling.

02 KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM A highly nourishing moisture cream which contains natural lanolin substances, which are extracted from lamb’s wool, and eight berry substances, and is able to build a firm moisture film on your skin without irritation or stickiness.

TREND 2 Contouring Makeup

Contouring makeup, which naturally adds a shade to your face and makes your face look smaller, is selected as another trendy makeup in 2017. The key to contouring makeup in 2017 is more naturally add a shade than in 2016.

To this end, it is the most important to choose the colors of shades. Select a brown shade, which is a little darker than your skin tone without reddishness. Naturally blend the colors by avoiding making a border between the parts with a shade and those without a shade, and you can complete a natural contouring makeup.

BOBBI BROWN BRONZING POWDER A bronzing powder which helps natural contouring makeup by being blended with your skin tone.

TREND 3 Pastel Makeup

In South Korea, the fashion often depends on the color of the year selected by Pantone, a color research center in the U.S. The color picked by Pantone in 2017 is ‘greenery’ which symbolizes ‘a new beginning’ and which is inspired by the nature.

Since it is hard to use a green color for a daily makeup, it seems a pastel makeup with warm mood using greenery would be in fashion in 2017. It is forecasted that warm pastel makeup using pink and coral would be the trends. Use pastel colors for your eye shadow, blusher, and lipstick, and you can exude trendy charm as much as you wish.

01 NARS Blush Orgasm A shimmering blusher with a silky texture which is able to present healthy, lively cheeks in natural colors.

A lipstick whose soft, stable texture presents colors lightly and clearly and provides vitality to your lips. (photo by: KICHO, BOBBI BROWN, NARS, HERA, bntnews DB)

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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