Professional Skin Recovery Program? Here’s a Simple Way to Care at Home

[by Oh Eun Sun] As you enter the mid-20s, the skin aging is in full effect. The elasticity of the skin gradually falls, and wrinkles and sagging begin to occur. This is a problem for many women.

Moreover, in these days’ weather like cold and dry winter, sagging and fine lines more visible so skincare is so much crucial. Many people are interested in firm and young skin like baby, so many skincare programs in Gangnam and Cheongdam-dong are getting popular. Especially for well-known management programs that improve skin turnover cycles such as microneedle therapy system (MTS), it's hard to get a reservation. This created a growing interest in home care products with excellent skin turnover.

In particular, the recently launched N.T.S. program (Neo-tingle Turnover Skin Program) has attracted attention in order to make special purpose skin care easier and convenient with home care. The recently launched Maxclinic’s N.T.S program works with a principle that awakens the ability to stimulate stagnant skin to help circulation and fill up the skin. The aka baby face skin care program, helps the skin feels like a full bouncy like a baby's skin.

This is a special purpose skin care program developed by focusing on the microneedle therapy system (MTS) which improves the skin turnover cycle due to aging.

The N.T.S. program consists of a hyaluronic needle roller and a dermis collagen ampoule. Hyaluronic Acid Needle Roller is made of pure hyaluronic acid, which dissolves and gives a fine stimulus to the skin, which strengthens the skin elasticity. It is used safely and hygienically for one-time use with hyaluronic acid.

The Jin-P collagen ampoule, a proprietary ingredient in Maxclinic, is a highly concentrated ampoule filled with collagen, hyaluronic acid and ceramide. Used with rollers to wake the skin and give elasticity. The hyaluronic acid acupuncture roller makes the infiltration path so that the ampule can penetrate and the Jin-P collagen in the ampule is absorbed deep into the skin.

Once the weekly application, apply the ampoule to the face and roll it gently up and down along the face line using a roller.

As a result of human body application test, it was effective for densification and hydration as well as elasticity of dermis and improved skin turnover. It also helped the eyes, wrists and neck wrinkles.

If skin aging rates are rapidly accelerated, or if any type of products seems to be ineffective, N.T.S program can be one of your trials. You should be able to experience certain effects after using the N.T.S program without having to get professional skincare.

Other products from Maxclinic are also noteworthy. The Cirmage Lifting Stick was shown on the social media and it caused a big wave in Korea, China and Asia. It shows a clear effect rather compared to before use. This is a highly concentrated stick containing 7 nutrients of Anti-Aging Cream. The Tox Bonding Complex will pull and fix the skin. (photo by Maxclinic, N&B Lab, bntnews DB)


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