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It’s Sooyoung’s Generation

[by Lee Joo Shin] Known for her superior body proportions from Girl’s Generation, Sooyoung recently made public appearances and showed off her qualities as a fashionista.

Since her debut in 2007, Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung has ruled over the entertainment industry. As the time goes by, she has appealed to many fans with her one of a kind charm. Acting, hosting and singing, there seem to be nothing that she can’t do. She’s also envied by female fans for her relationship with actor Jung Kyung Ho. They made headlines by sharing their affections on social media.

Let’s find out her Sooyoung’s secrets to her sensational fashion style!

# Sooyoung’s Airport Fashion

Sooyoung appeared at the airport for her international schedule. She wore a black mustang jacket with simple ivory turtleneck to create a basic style. She matched it with a black boot cut pants and an ankle boots to make it trendy. 

[Editor Pick] If you feel that basic Mustang Jacket is boring, why not try a unique styled mustang jacket? With yellow color and faux fur, the jacket will be a charming item. Let’s wear black pants and sneakers to make the outer jacket stand out.

# Sooyoung’s Premiere Fahion I

Sooyoung showed off her unchanging beauty at the VIP premiere of ‘My annoying brother’. She wore boot-cut denim to appeal her long legs and created golden proportions. She also used a jacket point to complete a feminine fashion.

[Editor Pick] You can join the Fashion People status with the right outer wear choice. Why don’t you create a casual look with a unique boxy balloon styled check pattern jacket? Let’s add more charm with jeans and black ankle boots.

#Sooyoung’ Premiere Fashion II

She attended the VIP premiere of the ‘Master’ and showed off her trendy fashion. She chose a fur coat with various colors and wave patterns to complete a luxurious and elegant look. The grey thigh-high boots created a sophisticated look.

[Editor Pick] You might hesitate to try the preposterous style if you are not a celebrity. But, give a subtle change to your fashion to be a fashionista. If fur jacket is little over for you, you can try a unique jacket with little fur. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)

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