‘Winter: Season of Driest Skin’ SOS Prescription to Protect Skin Barrier

[by Oh Eun Sun] It is common for the skin to feel dry as the temperature that goes down every day. It is especially essential to provide special care since the drastic day and night temperature difference can make your skin more sensitive.

However, people in the modern world with busy life style always lack self-care time. So, we introduce methods that are more focused on skin care and items that are more simple and effective.

▶ Use oil with everything

Face oil is a winter favorite due to its excellent moisturizing power. Mixing face oil with basic cosmetics prevents dehydration and keeps moisture longer. It is also good idea to add oils to facial mist. The oil creates a hydration barrier for deep penetration of nutrition.

You can also add oils to pigment products. When you add oils to matte foundation it is possible to create a hydrated look. If you overlap thin layers of oil-mixed foundation you can increase durability and complete hydrating skin.

It can be used for hair and body as well. It supplies nutrients to the hair and body and forms a moisturizing barrier to lock in moisture during the winter.

# Bobbi Brown extra face oil Face is ideal for extremely dry skin. Intensely moisturizes during daytime and produces hydrated skin. At night, it provides soothing and nutritious to tired skin.

▶ Moisturizing during cleansing

Skin Cleansing must be done daily. But many people feel skin pulling after the cleansing. If occurs to severe dry skin or when cleansing was done for too long. It is best to limit the cleansing steps to cut down dry time.

In the case of point make-up, be sure to use a remover before cleansing foam. When cleansed with a general cleanser, it does not remove the makeup easily and can be very irritating to the skin. Then, use the cleansing oil to dissolve dead skins. In addition, use cleanser foam to minimize skin moisture loss. Use necessary amount of foam, then use the bubbles with relaxed hands and gently rub it as smoothly as possible.

Recently, there is an all-in-one product that can finish all these steps at once have gained popularity.

MAX CLINIC MAX CHANGE OIL FOAM is an oil form cleanser that changes into foam when mixed with water. You can easily finish your facial cleansing with one-step without time staking double facial cleansing and it can also remove point make up at once. It also contains hyaluronic acid oil capsules so that it does not pull the skin after cleansing. Because of these advantages, it is a popular product called ‘cleanser with twist’ in Korea.

▶ Intensive care before bedtime

Many people use abundant amount of high-density nutrition cream before bed. However, if you used too much without proper application, the product fails to be absorbs and cause skin troubles. It is best to apply many thin layers instead of one thick layer. You don’t need to use different products; applying layers of one product will do the trick.

But, it is better to use functional products for your needs. If wrinkles are your concern, we recommend layering only with anti-aging creams. For dry skin in the middle of winter, why not create a moisture barrier with a cream with high moisture content? Let's supply nutrients while building a solid moisture barrier that does not fall easily.

#Fiera Goat’s Milk Touch Drop Cream is a milky formulation cream containing a New Zealand goat milk extract to help protect skin from external irritation by helping to form elasticity and moisture. (photo by Max Clinic, Fiera, Bobbi Brown, bntnews DB)

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