‘Are you planning a wedding?’ Sweet Tips for Future Brides

[by Song Eun Ji] On January 19, ‘The couple of the century’ Rain and Kim Tae Hee finally got married after 5 years of relationship. Plus the drama ‘Guardian’ had a happy ending marriage of Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun. The hearts of all ‘to be’ brides fluttered as they watched the simple yet romantic wedding ceremonies.

The main concern of the bride waiting for her wedding is definitely her skin. For those who want to shine on the day of the bliss without going to a skin care, we share know-hows of bridal skincare to optimize their skin conditions.
Bride-to-be skincare, earlier the better

Since pure white image is important for the bride, the number one priority  is clean skin. Let’s start taking care of your skin at least 3 months before the wedding day. Skin never gets better in just one day, so you have to start early to see more result. From cleansing to care, with the ‘hydration’ focused daily care, let keep a healthy balance of skin moisture.

3 STEP skincare for the bride-to be

STEP 1 Cleansing

The very basic of skin care is cleansing. Cleansing oil, foam cleansing is the ordinary way to clean your face, but if you want more simple and moisturizing cleansing, try using cleansing water instead. Damp a cotton pad with cleansing water and wipe your face following the skin texture. It will get rid of the dark make-up along with dirt inside your pores without irritation.

STEP 2 Moisture Care

After the cleansing, use a moisturizing essence toner to create a barrier to keep moisture in. Then apply a hydrating cream with whitening functions to maintain a bright and moisturized skin and you are done for the day. Using too many products can be overbearing to you skin so choose 1 to 2 extra hydrating skin care product to complete your skincare.

STEP 3 Special Care

For a perfect skin care, start a special care system 2 to 3 times a week. Mask pack is great, but using sleeping back allows the skin to absorb the nutrition from the sleeping pack deeply while you sleep for better results. Try a sleeping pack with ingredients to calm, hydrate and rejuvenate skin. If you use a designated brush, you will be able to apply the sleeping pack to all crevasse of your face so it will be more effective. 

Special care items for the Bride-to-be

Beauty Editor's recommended skincare items for awaiting brides are, KICHO, a skin sommelier brand that holds two tablespoons of forest and one tablespoon of the ocean. Kicho, launched by Dooyeon Corp., is enjoying global love from Korea, USA and China with various mild functional products that have concentrated the beauty know-how accumulated since the 1950s.

01 KICHO WATER RECIPE CLEANSING WATER With deep seawater and algae extracts, it is a moist cleansing water that can remove the dust and dirt from the skin including make-up without any irritations.

02 KICHO BERRY RECIPE ESSENCE TONER Highly enriched essence toner with 90% of mineral-rich deep seawater plus fresh berry and lanolin for a light skin care finish without dry pulling of the skin.

03 KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM is a functional moisture cream with 8 kinds of berries and lanolin ingredients added to the young fleece extract for whitening and wrinkle improvements. It can perform complex care such as moisturizing, whitening, anti-aging without skin irritations.

04 KICHO CAMELIA SLEEPING PACK Provides calming and anti-aging benefits. The sleeping pack contains Camellia oil (camellia) with excellent moisturizing power, black ginseng, and lanolin. (photo by KICHO, bntnews DB)

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