‘Bittersweet’ Beauty Is Rising? Beauty Items That Are Effective Even on Stimulations

[by Oh Eun Sun] So called ‘mean beauty item’ is gaining popularity. As much as the stimulation can be felt, it shows superb result to get chosen by the consumers. They caught the attention of those who were disappointed with the mild-stimulant products with little effect.

Some consumers say, “I can feel it working immediately on I skin so it’s more trustworthy.” And “I think my skin is reacting since it has better effect” to explain the reason of their chose. So, here are ‘powerful beauty items’ that cause our attention. 

★ Herbal face food serum

Herbal face food is called the ‘curse serum’ because it stimulates the skin but shows great results. When used, the stings and hot flashes equals to the ampoule being absorbs to the skin and nutrient ingredients activating in your skin.  It disappears in seconds.

The serum does not contain any chemicals to prevent any body absorption. It is famous for being an eco-friendly and 100% organic product. It provides hydration and nutrients to skin to balance the oil and moisture balance and improves skin elasticity.

★ MAXCLINIC NTS (Neo-tingle Turnover Skin) Program

The Max Clinic NTS program is a special skin-therapy program developed from the concept of Micro-needle Therapy System (MTS) that improves the slow turnover cycle of skin due to aging and can be easily utilized as home care.

It consists of a dermis collagen ampoule and a roller with hyaluronic needles. The dermis collagen ampoule is a highly concentrated product filled with collagen, hyaluronic acid and ceramide. The hyaluronic needle roller is made of pure hyaluronic acid which dissolves, and the needle rollers make paths for the ampoule to be absorbed into the skin effectively.

Especially, you can feel the tingling needles when the roller touches your skin. When it first touches the skin, you may think it is a bit stingy, but it immediately changes to a pleasant stimulant. Like this, the hyaluronic acid in the roller provides the skin with a fine stimulus in order to strengthen the elasticity of the skin. It is the principle that stimulation improves the ability to regenerate the dermal tissues and fill in the skin. It can be said that it improves the skin turnover cycle which is slowed down by getting aged. In addition, the needle part can be used easily and hygienically in that it is made as disposable.

Once a week, apply the ampoule to the whole face and neck after wash. Use roller to follow the facial line from top to bottom. You will see firm and glowing skin.


There are also products that easily deliver the nutrients to the skin with patches. The product utilizes a technique that puts a patch of micron ultra-fine particles on the skin to insert the active ingredient into the skin.

It is the same principle of using a syringe to deliver medicines in to the body without the pain. The micron ultra-fine particulate saliva containing hyaluronic acid and hydration, epithelial growth factors, retinol, lucinol, and vitamin C are melted into the skin deep to nourish the skin. (Photo by Maxclinic, n&b Lab, Needle Aqua, Herbal face food, bntnews DB)

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