Healthy Body and Skin! Look Younger with Super Foods!

[by Kim Hyo Jin] 2017 came here. The feeling of the New Year hasn’t really sunk in, but the aging process of our skin still continues. Although we are one year older, we hope at least our skin to be healthier and younger. So let’s take a close look at super foods for our body and skin. 


Broccoli is a representative superfood, well-known as an anti-cancer food. In addition, it has twice as much of vitamin C as lemon, and it is a well-being food that is excellent for skin health as well as prevention of cold. It can also reduce eye fatigue if consumed when your eyes are tired.

▶ HEALTH: Broccoli makes a perfect match with green scallion and can consumed easily and healthily by boiling or stir frying them together. However, it is possible to lose the nutrition if it’s cooked for too long, so it is recommended to cook within a short period of time.

▶ SKIN: Broccoli genus carotene improves the resistance of skin and mucous membranes to healthier skin.

# Innisfree broccoli clearing toner is a product that helps to soothe skin and tighten barriers of skin.


Tomato was chosen as the Times’ world top 10 food. It is also known as a diet food with low calories and is effective food for cancer prevention. In addition, lycopene in tomato release the active oxygen which causes aging out of the body, to prevent fine lines and inhibits the production of melanin pigment, so it has a great effect on preventing sun spots.

▶ HEALTH: Lycopene’s absorption increases when heated, so it is better to lightly boiled or cook tomatoes. The boiled tomatoes can be consumed as juice or sautéed with olive oil to create a wonderful weight control diet.

▶ SKIN: Vitamin H in tomatoes has a calming effect, so it is good for sensitive skin and nourishes the skin that lost the glow.

# The Saem Natural Skin Fit Mask Sheet (Tomato) is a mask sheet that gives nutrition and resilience to dry and dehydrated skin.


Citron is rich with Vitamin C, which is an excellent antioxidant effective to prevent skin aging as well as clearing spots and freckles for a clean skin. It is also effective in various diseases such as hypertension and stroke, and is good for growing children since it has much higher calcium content than other fruits.

▶ HEALTH: It is easy to catch gold during the winter due to volatile weather changes. The Citron, containing a soft fragrance and rich vitamin C is very effective in preventing colds. You can enjoy them for a long time by making a ‘Yujacheong’, citron marmalade.

▶ SKIN: Citron grows in a climate where wind and sunshine are repeated, and contains rich water and serves to transfer the moisture to the skin.

# Skin Food Yuja Oil C Moisture Oil is moisturizing oil containing citron oil and four vegetable oils.


Dairy fats in yogurts provide moist to the surface of the skin to soothe the dead skin and softens the texture of the skin. Also, when consumed regularly, the lactic acid bacteria in yogurt can help your body health by helping your bowel movements.

▶ HEALTH: Yogurt can be easily made at home with milk and lactic acid bacteria at home, so you can feel at ease to consume it. If you eat homemade yogurt with no added sugar with healthy nuts, it will be a great healthy snack or breakfast.

▶ SKIN: It is the easiest and friendly food to use as a natural pack. You don’t need special ingredients; just add flour to organic yogurt to control thickness and apply to skin for firm and clear skin.

Sea vegetables

A human body needs about 30 kinds of minerals. Sea vegetables such as seaweed, kelp, ecklonia cava, and hijiki are excellent foods to maintain health because it contains essential minerals for human body. It prevents cancer and geriatric diseases, excels in constipation and obesity, and inhibits the activity of harmful oxygen to preventing aging.

▶ HEALTH: It cleanses blood and the rich dietary fiber is good for preventing constipation. The optimum intake of sea vegetables is 3-4 pieces of dried seaweed or 1 part of small bowl of seaweed or one 4cm pieces of kelp.

▶ SKIN: Natural ingredients of sea vegetables form a natural moisturizing film barrier on stressed and dry skin.

# Thelavicos the most active is a product made from the sea algae grown in Jeju sea to create moist and radiant skin. (photo by HP&C, Thelavicos, Innisfree, The Saem, Skin Food, bntnews DB)


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