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How to Lose Fats for Modern People that Spend More Time on Chair

[by Jung Ah Young] The biggest problem for the office worker or the students who spend most of the day sitting down is the belly fat. Excessive fat can cause various diseases and should be alerted.

However, belly fat is very difficult to get rid of among the various parts of the body. If starvation or food intake is minimized, it will reduce the belly fat but it is harmful to your health. Is there any healthy way to get rid of the belly fat?

<Diet and Exercise>

You have to start correcting you bad eating habits. Irregular meals time, binge eating or overeating are the main causes of belly fat. Reduce the amount of food you eat first, rather than starving. Let's eat about one-third of the usual amount of food, and let's stay away from white rice and consume healthy foods, such as brown rice, lean meat, and blue fish and vegetables. If it doesn’t fill up your stomach, you can feel fullness by eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and other foods with low calories.

It is necessary to continue the cardio exercise which burns fat. Walking, running, cycling, stair climbing, mountain climbing, swimming, you can choose the right kind of exercise for you, but it is effective to increase the level or time gradually. Also, keep in mind that every exercise should last more than 30 minutes to burn fat properly.

<Posture correction and belly massage>

Look back on your usual sitting position. When sitting on a chair, sit back, straighten up your waist and dropping your back slightly is a good for your posture. When you stand, give your strength to the waist and begin and draw in exercise with slow & deep breath. If you keep it for 30 seconds, it will help you to build a strong abdominal muscles.

Belly massage is also helpful. Apply oil or lotion on the belly and massage on the belly, and start massaging from lower belly to the whole stomach, belly to sides and belly button to sides. If you do this whenever you have time at home, it will help to remove the fat. Recently, the home care abdomen massage machines are on the market, so it is a good idea to use them.

Lebody Form is a medium frequency abdominal care device that fuels muscle stimulation and production and reduces cellulite and abdominal fat. It can be selectively used in two modes by combining mid-frequency and mid-frequency interference currents into a single system.

It has already been popular in Korea as a personal abdominal management device using medium frequency, and it is attracting attention by receiving love calls from overseas markets. (photo by LeBody Form, bntnews DB)

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