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Create Completely Different Images with Hairstyle Like Taeyeon, Jeon Ji Hyun and Song Hye Kyo

[by Lee Hye Jung] When you look at those who show different appearance every time you see them, you can’t help but to feel jealous. What are the features you can find in those who show a totally different look from yesterday?

There are many ways to create a different image, but the most effective way to change it is to change your hair style. The stars that are the target of the envy of the public also change their hairstyles and succeed in image transformation and earn popularity. 

Changing hair styles is not that difficult and tremendous work. If you refer to the hairstyles of stars, it is easy to decide the changes you should make.

If your hair is always down, tying your hair for a day is a form of a change. It is also a form of change to shorten your long hair or adding a wave perm. Changing your hairstyle is also helpful for releasing stress and your mood. 

If you change your hairstyle frequently, it is inevitably to see some damage. Like your skin, scalp and hair are also sensitive areas, so careful management is needed.

With periodical scalp scaling, taking care of the dead skin on the scalp and use hair treatments to nourish your hair will help you transform the image through more effective hairstyles.

However, there are cases where it is difficult to change the image through hairstyle transformation; if you have thinning hair. It is hard to try variety hair styles for image transformation if you are bald or have significant hair loss.

Choi Yoon Suk, a plastic surgeon at JK Plastic Surgery in Gangnam, Korea, said, "The abundant hair is an important factor in the transformation of the image. If you are suffering from extreme stress due to hair loss, baldness, M-shaped hair loss, or alopecia, it is also a good idea to consider hair transplantation." 

JK Plastic Surgery has adopted a high-density slit-type surgical procedure to increase the rate of transplantation of hair. In addition, they created a team with members who have been trained for a long time and have great teamwork to carrying out a stable operation with a hair transplant.

Choi Yoon Suk, chairman of the department, advises "If baldness or hair loss starts, it will be an extreme stress regardless of gender, because hair style has a great influence on the image. You can discuss your case in depth with an expert to consider hair transplants and hair line correction might be your solution. When you are choosing the hair transplant hospital, it's a good idea to take a careful look at if the plastic surgeon will carry out the surgery and what kind of surgery you will choose."

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, the No. 1 Hospital for Foreign Patients in Korea, considers patient’s health, Precise studying and diagnosis number one priority by using 'one-stop pre-operative test' through advanced medical imaging equipment and surgical equipment. In addition, an in-house permanent resident in the department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine is always available, and the operating rooms use US FED standard209D standards. In considering any unavoidable emergency, CPR (emergency response) team, Emergency Kit, UPS uninterruptible power supply capable of sustaining operation during power outages and CRM monitoring system is available to ensure patient’s safety. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery, bntnews DB)

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