Hallyu Star Seo Hyun Jin, Being an All-Around Entertainer by Eating Broadcast?

[by Oh Eun Sun] Seo Hyun Jin is an actress who burst onto drama ‘Another Miss Oh’ in 2016. She made her mark as a top star immersing herself in her role. She received lots of love calls from advertisement business as well as attracted attention in follow-on drama. What attractiveness of hers appeals to the public? This will be inspected.

★Perfect performance  

A modifier which rapidly occurs to us naming Seo Hyun Jin would be ‘perfect performance’. In fact, the first order casting of ‘Another Miss Oh’ was not Seo Hyun Jin. But, she was picked for the role after several rejections, and now is the time when it would not be possible to imagine other Oh Hae Yeong than her.

In particular, Seo Hyun Jin does not hesitate to act embarrassing roles including a drunkard or the broken. So, she was titled with ‘a novel actress’ showing the thoroughly broken shape, not only lovely one. Along with this, her delicate sentimental acting evokes sympathy from the viewers. 

The reason why many people empathize with the character of her role is like this. It’s because she describes the minute sentiments perfectly immersing herself in her role. Acting now seriously, then lovely or comic, she established a solid foothold as a perfect character actress.

★Preservative Beauty

Seo Hyun Jin made her debut in the entertainment industry by a release of group Milk’s album in 2001. However, now she can be proud to have the same face as she had at that time. In fact, apart from styling, she can boast wonderfully the same ‘preservative beauty’.

It’s because she has clean-cut features, clear and lucent skin. So, the public pays attention to her way of skin control. She has mentioned on air her beauty tip that “she always turns on the humidifier because of her dry skin”, and “she frequently sticks mask pack onto her face”.

★Food porn goddess

Also, Seo Hyun Jin rose to stardom taking various pictures of advertisement including shampoo and health drink. Particularly, she took a picture of chicken advertisement, which is said to select the hottest star. In this advertisement, her bouncy and wild-eyed attraction caused much attention.

Seo Hyun Jin in commercial of Goobne Chicken Ribs King actively, cheerfully gnaws the chicken in the background of commercial music, ‘I like to gnaw once, twice, again and again’. She demonstrates ‘Food porn goddess’ representing ‘ribs taste good with gnawing’ ’with every fiber of her body. Like this attraction of hers, it is emphasized that she doesn’t hesitate to be broken.

Particularly, her friendly and bouncy attraction is well matched with the advertisement to create a synergy effect. This is why Goobne Ribs King has held a record of high sales in a month since its release. 

In addition, Goobne Ribs King realizes the original taste of roasted ribs by using specially-made sauce from about 10 sorts of domestic fruit and vegetable. So, it is a new premium chicken differentiated from the existing chicken business. It creates popularity by a diversity of utility such as ‘Chi-bab’, ‘Chicken Kimbab’.

Meanwhile, Goobne Chicken is world-widely loved over Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macao and other countries. (photo by Goobne Chicken, bntnews DB)

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