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‘2017 F/W Seoul Fashion Week’, Fashion Analysis of Tiffany-Jun Hyosung-Clara!

[by Kim Min Soo] ‘2017 F/W Hera Seoul Fashion Week’, which started on March 27, successfully ended on April 1.

This year’s Seoul Fashion Week was no different than prior years and attracted much attention as many fashion-related people and stars attended the event. Especially, the stars who attended in a stylish fashion showed their own personality to match the fashion people's celebration.

During the Fashion Week, Tiffany, Jun Hyosung and Clara gathered a lot of attention with their beautiful appearance and eye catching fashion. So we analyzed their styling in detail.


On March 31, SNSD’s Tiffany attended the Kai Seoul Collection and boasted her alluring appeals at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Jung-gu, Seoul. She matched a sleeveless black top with a pink two piece set with a distinctive pattern to create sexy look. Especially, she appealed her unique charm by wearing the jacket loosely to show off her shoulder line.

[Editor Pick] Pink color, which is loved not only by women but also by men, can seem tasteless so you should make your choice carefully. If you want to complete a trendy style, try using hot pink man-to-man T-shirts to appeal more youthfulness. You will be able to stylize hot pink trendily, which has been emerging as hot trend in recent years.

#Jun Hyosung

At the Beyond Closet show of Seoul Fashion Week, which decorated the last day of the show, Secret’s member Jun Hyosung attended the show and shined brightly in stylish fashion. She attracted attentions with a combination of striped shirts and skinny denim pants. She also finished the stylish look with accessories and cross-back.

[Editor Pick] There is no item like a button down shirt when you want to create natural style that looks stylish without trying too hard. It is an item that is loved by both men and women because it matches with everything and it is easy to create a stylish look. Especially, if you have a striped shirt, your fashion can create sense of lightness as well as femininity.


Clara, who has been attracting attention with her unusual unique fashion, appeared at the Metro City fashion show held on March 30 with her colorful style. She wore a white knitted sweater and denim hot pants to show off her legs and added a mesh item to enhance her sexiness. Her style was somewhat over the top but her strong uniqueness perfectly suitable for the fashion week.

[Editor Pick] Unique styles are all good, but sometimes it can be too much for everyone. In this case, we suggest to use colors instead. Show off the body line with tight fitted shirt in intense red color to appeal sexiness. Also add a fashion point with perfectly matching black hot pants to complete a sexy and chic look. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)

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