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How to Become a Goddess with a White Dress

[by Kim Min Soo] ‘White’, the pronoun of innocence and purity, is emerging as a color that threatens the absolute first place pink of spring, and has been loved much this season. Among them, the 'One Piece Dress', which makes the femininity most prominent, also attracted the attention of women.

Recently, we unexpectedly had a lucky chance to see three goddesses, Jun Ji Hyun, Ki Hee Hyun and Jun Somi at a same brand event. They melted the men’s hearts with their goddess like appearances and showed off their unique dress stylings.

Among the variety of white styling, the ‘One Piece Dress’ is the most suitable to create a goddess look. We found some styling tips through the stars.

# Jun Ji Hyun

The appearance of South Korea's so-called 'nuclear beauty' Jun Ji Hyun was indeed a white angel. She was wearing an all-white dress with a sense of beauty and showed off the dignity of an actress. She even showed off her collar bones and boasted the perfection of a goddess. Her flawless body made it impossible to believe she is a mom and completed her excellent look.

[Editor Pick] The goddess look is most important to bring out femininity. To do so, the detail of the dress is the key. Keep the length right under the knees and choose an A-line skirt to complete the goddess look. If you utilize the merit of flowy chiffon material, you can be more beautiful.

#Ki Hee Hyun

DIA’s member Ki Hee Hyun created a sexy look by revealing her gorgeous smooth legs. She wore an H-line one piece dress to create more feminine look and stood in front of the photo wall. The see-through material and flawless bodyline created a perfect combination and boasted the value of the white look without any other items.

[Editor Pick] The white dress that gives a variety of feelings is also good as an office look. Especially for office women based on trust, it is recommended to make a simple presentation. It can create a sexy look, so it can appeal to male bosses.

#Jun Somi

Singer Jun Somi is earning the hearts of the public through various variety TV programs and became the new cute and bubbly icon. She wore an A-line flared skirt to create lovely style and emphasized her unique youthful charm.

[Editor Pick] The last item you can use to become a goddess is the frills details. If you reveal your body line on top of this, you are already a goddess. It can be used as a daily look and amplify the lovely atmosphere as a date look with your boyfriend. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)

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