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‘This’ Is Good Enough to Overcome the Aftereffects of Golden Holidays!

[by Kim Min Soo] After the recent golden holidays were gone, many people who have returned to their daily life are suffering from aftereffects. When the Monday blues which is the biggest enemy to office workers is added to it, there is no special treatment for it.

In this case, the best way is to change your mood through fashion. You may change your feelings by expressing diverse moods based on gorgeous colors. Yellow is lovely while green is unique. You can choose it depending on your style.

If you like to change your mood exhausted by aftereffects of golden holidays, pay attention to this. Now, let’s learn about styling tips using colors.


Actress Kim Saeron with a mature beauty appearing in front of a photo wall attracted people’s attention in VIP preview of film ‘The Mayor’ in April 24. Using an eye-catching coat in lovely yellow, she doubled the beautiful spring mood. Moreover, her dress with flower-patterned ruffle details was fresh enough to complete her perfect styling of the day.

[Editor Pick] Among many colors, yellow is the most popular with women as the color itself could work as a huge point on top of a fresh charm. That is why yellow is a color infusing life into styling. It is also a great item to change mood.


Actress Wang Jiwon who showed a stylish airport fashion used a green jacket for comfortable and simple styling. Especially, on top of revealing her figure through the combination of white T-shirt and denim pants, the pants with the destroyed back showed a mysterious charm.

[Editor Pick] If the aftereffect is more serious than expected, green color is recommended. Green color expressing freshness and elegance at the same time can calm down as it is the symbol of healing. If it is burdensome to wear it as a single item, it could be layered with other items.

#Sky Blue

Meanwhile, actress Song Ha Yoon matched white color with sky-blue just like expressing her purity. Looking like a goddess through the combination of a blouse with cuffs and a skirt, she completed an official look filled with a feminine beauty by exposing her slim shoulders.

[Editor Pick] As sky-blue gives clear and cool feelings, it is good to be worn when feeling melancholy. Also, its own rhythmical mood and eye-catching charm make women look more beautiful. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)

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