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Summer Fashion Styling Tips to Look Hot like Hyun-a, Yu In-na, and Han Chae-young

[By Lee Hye-jeong] During hot summer time, it is necessary to have diverse know-how to overcome the heat wave. From hairstyle to fashion style, there are many ways to overcome the heat wave. 

During summer time, the degree of exposure gets intense to avoid the heat compared to other seasons. The light dress is the best way to escape the heat. What would be needed to perfectly digest the fashion overcoming the summer heat? 

Even though there are many different ways of fashion styling to overcome the summer heat, in fact, the short length of clothing is the mainstream. 

Clothes like short pants/skirt and sleeveless shirt look and feel cooler than clothing with full length. 

If you want to show a perfect summer styling, it is essential to have a tight and curvy body shape. 

For the tight figure, it is necessary to get rid of extra flab through continuous dietary control and exercise. Let’s try to have a tight figure through continuous exercise and avoiding food containing lots of fat and sugar. 

On top of getting rid of extra flab, it is also essential to have a curvy figure properly formed in necessary parts. If you have not been satisfied with many methods to have voluptuous breast, the breast enlargement surgery could be one method to be considered. 

Kwon Sun-hong(Specialist in plastic surgery), the director of JK Plastic Surgery located in Gangnam, the center of Korea said, “In summer time for the season of exposure, more and more people visit the clinic because of small breast. If you are not satisfied with many attempts like exercise, dietary treatment, and breast massage, the breast enlargement surgery could be considered.” 

Among breast enlargement surgeries, the insertion of drop-shape prosthesis is based on diverse measuring considering the anatomic shape, which can obtain the surgery result more close to the perfection. Using the safe & natural-looking prosthesis such as polytech and motiva, the establishment of globular shape is minimized, so that the rate of reoperation is remarkably reduced. 

Director Kwon Sun-hong advised, "Owing to the continuous popularity of K-Beauty, the number of foreign patients hoping to be changed like Korean celebrities is gradually increasing. If you like to get the breast enlargement surgery in Korea, it would be important to make a decision after having an in-depth consultation with a specialist about the proper surgery method."

JK Plastic Surgery that has received an achievement award for the excellent attraction of foreign patients is aiming for a safe plastic surgery through the system of the stationed anesthesiology unit, CPR team, and live-in nurse for 24 hours. Equipped with the operating room applying the US FED, Standard209D for safety, it has been recorded for no incidents for 20 years based on cooperative treatment between skillful specialists.
(Photo by: JK Plastic Surgery, bntnews DB)

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Write: 2017-06-08 11:02:39 / Update: 2017-06-08 13:15:44

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