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If you want refreshing base during the hot weather

[By Yun Ji Hye] As the sun is getting hotter, the heat of early summer is upon us. One of the worries of women due to the rapidly rising temperatures is the collapse of the makeup. The sweat easily ruins the makeup you spent all morning to make it perfect.  
If you want to prevent your makeup from collapsing, it is important to use a base with fresh finish along with the basic skin care. We introduce how to apply fresh base makeup to with stand the warm weather

KNOW HOW 01 Before skin care, smooth down your skin texture

Even if you wake up in the morning and wash your face, there may be dust particles sticking to your face that you couldn’t get rid of. Therefore, it is better to wipe the face once more by applying a water type cleansing product or toner with a cotton pad before you continue on to your daily skin care routine.

After soaking the cleansing water on the soft side of the cotton pad, wipe it once in the opposite direction of the skin’s peach fuzz. Then, soak the cotton pad once more and apply it in the direction of the peach fuzz to smooth out your skin texture as well as cleansing your skin. 

KNOW HOW 02 Apply moisture cream filled with hydration and refreshing finish

 The skin care before your morning makeup should be consists of a single product will ample moisture and refreshing finish rather than applying multiple stages of products. This is because applying multiple products can cause the base makeup to move around. 

Apply a moderate amount of moisturizing cream with fair amount oil and moisture to the face and spread evenly. It is important to tap the product with the palm of your hand and let your skin to absorb it sufficiently.

KNOW HOW 03 Let's use light cushion products.

For the base makeup, we recommended to use lightweight cushion type products. If you use a thick foundation, the makeup can clump on your face.

Before using the cushion, let's be mindful of the hot weather and apply the sunscreen no matter what. After applying sunscreen that had refreshing finish, let's put on the moisturizing cushion with good setting power. At this time, if you tap your skin enough with a puff, you’ll be able to complete a base makeup that is neat with a subtle glow.

01 KICHO WATER RECIPE CLEANSING WATER A deep moisturizing cleansing water that can easily remove wastes from the skin without irritation using deep sea water and algae extract.

02 KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM A functional moisture cream with 8 kinds of berries are added to lanolin ingredient extracted from young fleece to provide comprehensive care including moisture, whitening and anti-wrinkle to skin without any irritation. 

03 KICHO Ultra Moisturizing Suncream (SPF50 + / PA +++) Extracts from germinated soybeans protect the skin's health. It is gentle and moist without stickiness or white cast, so you can use it daily.

04 KICHO AROHA GLOW CC CUSHION (SPF50 + / PA +++) CC cushion with excellent durability and coverage, it keeps the skin clean and bright throughout the day, while the deep sea water ingredient to the finest New Zealand lanolin refined in Germany fills the skin with moisture.  Photo by: Kicho, bntnews DB

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Write: 2017-06-21 14:20:18 / Update: 2017-06-21 14:24:49

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